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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    I got word it’s on route today. I picked the worst time to go on vacation to LA
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    OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    Holy Moley. The Dexx-VD ISL will turn your mister into an OSSC PRO lite for $50? Mind Blown!!..
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    What CRT do you prefer for retro console gaming?

    I'll be looking at an FW900 later today. I'm kinda stoked to see one in person and the dudes a friend. Here's to hoping he doesn't "eBay price me".. He's also got a BVM 1910 and PVM 2030.
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    I think it would be fair to divide the unforseen cost by the number of cabs in the container. I would pay but I would never speak on behalf of others money.
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    You would want to use the HDMI input. You would be extracting RGBs from JAMMA and running through a 5x integer scale through Retrotink 5x pro and plug the HDMI cable into the monitor.
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    That sounds perfect in tandem with the Retrotink 5x pro outputting 240 exactly at 1600 x 1200 at 5x integer. Another interesting prospect is the new 4:3 LG 20” LCD that was announced. It’s also 1600x1200 if someone wanted to use a new screen in their cute...
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    Candy Cabs Aero Joystick new LS-32 Hoagtech's PLOG.

    No. I haven’t crimped those kits yet. @bartre hooked me up with 2 sets of leads and refused to let me pay for shipping for it. Big shout to the man actually. I’ll be crimping those kits for the last 2 joysticks..
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    Candy Cabs Aero Joystick new LS-32 Hoagtech's PLOG.

    I got chance to tinker yesterday.. Thanks for the help guys, with the 8-pin fork to 5-pin JST harness. After tying the 4 grounds into one. I messed with the directional till they were proper. I was going to use to use small wire nuts but felt like that was too lazy and messy. After being...
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    I got x4 19" I would be willing to part with locally. Ideally I would like to trade it for a 19" PC monitor so I could extract RGBs and use the OSSC to shade my scanlines and have HD support for Naomi.
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    Price check: Jasens Customs MK30 Adcap supergun v2 with kick harnesses, Extension, Mini din to d-sub

    Sorry I have sold it since then. I’ll check the model on my pic archive.
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    Road Dog Amusements - An Arcade Route and Arcade Services company based in NorCal

    That monitor looks so sharp. You did an awesome job restoring that.
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    Jaleco Pony Mark 3 - screen protection glass replacment

    I would bring it in to a residential glass company. I created one for my Aero parts cab, but they kept breaking the glass when they drilled the corner mount holes. (I think it’s because of consumer safety laws and and tempered glass) After the third break they refused to drill so now Im stuck...
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    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs!

    Super jealous of your Ice Cold Beer.. One of my favorite Non CRT machines ever. Are the lift mechanisms working properly?
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    FS: Neo Geo MVS carts ***prices lowered 7-20-21***

    I will happily purchase your Last Hope Bootleg.
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    Candy Cabs Aero Joystick new LS-32 Hoagtech's PLOG.

    Thanks for that. I ordered a couple to try them. they look a lot like the ones that were too small for me. Finger crossed..