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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Wahhhhh, im readyyyyy...
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    Ps1 Digital kit Help Please!

    Hello everyone, so i trynna see if someone help a bother out.. I attempted to do the ps1 digital kit install on my own and failed just with that GPU flex cables, as i was bridging alot of pins and the GND and +3.3 V and always bridged ... all the other ones looks good. I dont really have have...
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    Hey Arcade Projects!

    Welcome :)
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    f/s Custom aluminium dreamcast shells ultimate mod

    This is super nice i like the metal case, did you make it your self?
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    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    I second this i want another one with the plexiglass too please.
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    Lovee the dark mode and new look, im trying to get used to it but i love it :)
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    F/S - NES TopLoader.

    bump Price drop $110 usd + shipping cost. USA Only.
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    WTB: Vewlix shipping brackets for control panel

    Ill take a set in RED please.
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    F/S - NES TopLoader.

    Hello, selling this mint NES TopLoader, brings everything you see. NES is stock, controller has a led mod. $125 $110 usd + shipping cost. USA Only.
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    Everten Taito F3 IO Board (Stereo Audio + CPS2 kick)

    Share pics please when done :)
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    WTB: TMNT Turtles in Time and other 4 Player Titles

    thats pretty fu*k*ng cool 8o