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    Capcom CPS1/1.5: Regional Differences in Games

    Also in SF2CE and SF2HF japanese version there is a dip switch setting to allow "versus" play (1p vs. 2p) with only one coin. The game is over after battle ends, even for the winner. Only present in japanase versions
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    Fixed! - Was: Need a ROM file to repair a Super Contra...

    Congrats! That was a hard one… again, Fujitsu curse on those Konami boards
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    Have you seen this little daughter board on a cps2?

    That's simply a rom board to extend the Q-Sound rom space, because there is only 2 slots in the main B board dedicated to that. Some games use that to allocate more sound data space.
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    Help identifying a coil on Nanao MS9 board

    This is what appears in the manual for Coil L504: EDIT: I see you already look at it on the manual... Unfortunately, there is no additional info for that...
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    Modifying a 92631C-6 (Battery-less B-21 C-Board) to work like a 90631C-5 (Battery Backed B-21 C-Board)

    They are probably 0.1u, as any other decoupling cap along the other pcbs. There is nothing silkscreened on them, just brown color.
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    Part identification please...

    They are 32k x 8 SRAMs in dip28 package
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    Need an answer

    it is a modified MVS system dedicated to be installed into photo booths. It also has their own cartridges to be used into it. One of them is the one you show in pictures. More info here: and here...
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    Need an answer

    It's a neo print cartridge, probably undumped yet
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    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    You can use a 3.3 Ohms 1W for that. But only if you plan to use the MS9 chassis. I don’t really know about Toshiba PB chassis
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    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    Comparting that with the values of that resistor in the MS9 paired with Toshiba tube, and the one paired with Hitachi tube, that doesn't make much sense... I presume it should be: Brn-Grn-Gold-Gold, that is 1.5 Ohms, and that matches with the resistor in MS9 paired with Hitachi tube (KSA), so...
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    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    I was checking my old notes and I saw that the heater voltage is different between tubes A68KSA30X and A68KJU96X and therefore there is a different heater resistance in the chassis paired to each tube. Really don't know about the Matsushita one, but you could check the value of R532 in your...
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    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    As far as I know, each one uses a different heater resistance, so apart from yoke specifications, also take care of that.
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    Big Jamma Sale - Everything must go.

    pm for Extreme Downhill pcb
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    PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

    yeah, I understand it but, how bad is it considering there are also ROHS DIP Sockets with round holes?: Are those also not recomented for EPROMS and GALs?