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    What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

    I am undoing a modification on a C-board just now. The pins were lifted. As I was pressing the pins back down, pin 45 came off. Oops. I guess it doesn't work if it's floating? I'll try sanding the edge of the chip for the track.
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    What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

    Yes, of course.
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    Revolution x wont boot up need a board repair

    You always test against ground, so red on -5V, black on GND. But the way you did it proves that -5V is there (you got a difference of 10 volts between +5V and -5V).
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    Dodonpachi saidaioujo Conversion sold for 2500usd

    The game has been dumped many times over. It will be released in due time. Play the Knuckles hack if you're anxious.
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    What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

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    How to open Atomiswave SD coin box lock

    I just drill right through it, so the cam separates from the cylinder. I use large bit to do it (12mm).
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    WTB Nanao MS9 29 Monitor

    Capcom IO doesn't do anything to the video signal except amplify it. All older JVS hardware will still output 15khz, including Naomi, System 2X6 and Taito Type X1.
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    How to open Atomiswave SD coin box lock

    It's a dimple key lock. If you like a challenge, you could pick it. Otherwise just drill it. A decent metal drill bit will go right through it.
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    Neo Geo repairs

    You could order the eprom from buyicnow and have them program it for you. EDIT: make sure you have a socketed BIOS
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    Im looking for a female CPS2 Kick Harness Connector,_CPS2_%26_CPS3_Connectors Digikey stocks them.
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    Capcom "Forgotten Worlds' Spinner Repro by Hursit Official Interest Check Poll

    The boards haven't been available in ages (at least the ones I'm thinking of). They were on YJ like 6+ years ago.
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    Wells-Gardner 25k8112 Cap kit list?

    No idea, sorry.
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    Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    I had a speed runner once play on my setup. Not surprisingly he said he had some trouble adjusting to the banana. It was very cool to see all the crazy short cuts.
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    Anyone know how to ground a Neo Candy 29?

    Correct. There's a post just above where the cord goes in at the back. Personally, I would replace the 2-wire power cord with a 3-wire one. Like this