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    Sony BVM 20E1U / BVM-20E1U tube swap

    Here we are. looks like top 12.75mm bottom 13 sides 5.3 If you need feel free to ask. First time I’m using this tool. Lol.
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    Sony BVM 20E1U / BVM-20E1U tube swap

    Cool! If you need any more pics or measurements let me know. Im happy to help. I have this cheap caliper if it can help.
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    Sony BVM 20E1U / BVM-20E1U tube swap

    Sure here you go. Thanks
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    Sony BVM 20E1U / BVM-20E1U tube swap

    Hi, amazing work you going here. Do you think this would fit the A series? I have two A20s but only one 4:3 mask. Would like to print a 2nd. Thanks
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    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    Yeah let me try a set. Thanks @theoddtech
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    SOLD - Astro, Pony, Blast, Tempest MORE! Cabs in Bay Area California

    Interested withdrawn. Wish I was local. Shipping will be too much for me. :( GLWTS
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    Neo-19 Cabinet RE-Production

    I was hoping to see this project come to life. :) Count me in to help with the prototype costs.
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    Spinner Joystick Pre-Order

    Yeah! In for 4 spinners and 1 CP. These Should work with a Chewlix I hope?
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    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Hello, I’m late to the party. Im using in my mini cute from hurst. Mean well RT-125A powersupply. I adjust 5V to 5.00 but the A B buttons don’t work. Is the high 12V the issue? Thanks
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    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    hoagtech, I’m having same problem. I purchased resistors from the post meybarra linked. I also purchased the last RT125A mouser had. Hoping it’s the newer version with no minimum load requirement.
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    MiSTer FPGA

    Anyone Cool. I received a DHL tracking notification from a company called 4px Worldwide Express today. I wonder if it the MiSTercade. Have a few other items inbound. Find out soon.
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    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    Thanks hoagtech for the reply. I recently started working on my first cute and been making a little progress each day. Finally had the courage to separate the tube from chassis this past weekend and survived. That was a biggie for me. :) For your recommendation I was thinking the same and got...