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    MiSTer FPGA

    MSU1 support officially added to the SNES core
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    MiSTer FPGA

    Dangun Feveron and Puzzle Uo Poko support just added to the Cave core. (public patreon post)
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    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    You can set the cifs_mount script to mount the games folder over the network on boot. And update_all will download to that location.
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    Toaplan Test Box

    For anyone wondering: カウンタ counter コイン coin スタートstart サービス service
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    Doom ported to Naomi

    DragonMinded has just released an alpha build of shareware Doom running on Naomi. Can be run with Demul or netbooting.
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    MiSTer FPGA

    32x core for MiSTer has just been released by srg320, developer of the upcoming Saturn core. Haven't tried it myself yet, but read there are a few audio issues.
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    From what I recall, Pi4 on a WiPi setup allows for using the OpenJVS Hat along with a bluetooth dongle. Don't think you can use both on a Pi3 because of a conflict of ports or something.
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Using a default install, the wipi is already set to use The only thing you'd need to do is connect an ethernet cable from the pi to the netdimm. Then on the naomi in the service menu, set the netdimm to use or or something like that. Subnet mask should be...
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    FS: NTSC-J Sega Saturn games

    How much did the games sell for?
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    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    If I'm understanding correctly, what you're asking for is included in the WiPi netbooter - It includes a menu that can be navigated directly on monitor to launch a requested game. It also has OpenJVS...
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    MiSTer FPGA

    Nice. And with the port someone made of Tetris the Grandmaster to PS1 a year or two ago, you can now play that for much cheaper as well.
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    SSF2X Tournament Battle announced!!

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    Naomi 2 HDMI

    Gonna guess it's on hold now with the new PixelFX company and its projects in development.
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Ah, ok, so you were able to get into the settings of the WiPi and change the network setup to Home WiFi Direct, Hotspot Router, or Home WiFi Router mode? I'm not really sure what would be causing the issue then. =( Maybe chunskin can chime in with some suggestions.
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Hmm, by default I don't think you can access the web server portion of WiPi without joining the WiPi network. But you said you have yours connected to your router. Did you connect your Pi to the network via ethernet? Try joining the "WiPi Netbooter" wireless network with your phone (or another...