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    Distorted Sound on my Noir

    It’s one of the chips on the amplifier circuit board, the whole amp board is small so easy to spot.
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    Distorted Sound on my Noir

    Did you find the amp yet? It’s at the back and accessible when you remove the rear cover.
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    WTB Astro City Glass Clamp Clip

    Videotronics is Mo, pretty sure he’s a member here.
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    Aero City MS8-26SG, Is this a factory fix?

    I have recapped a couple of these chassis and that is defiantly a fix gone wrong, tracks damaged while removing a component. It’s easy to do I lifted a track myself, they get quite brittle from the heat.
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    PGM convert game card:dodonpachi dai ou jou , ketsui , or espgaluda

    I think you two are talking about different things.
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    WTB Nanao MS8/MS9 (Astro City Compatible)

    My Windy has convergence problems, I made it worse trying to adjust from the rear door, it’s tight in there!! I think the best thing to do is get the monitor out and on a bench to do this properly, the Windy has no frame so I will have to make something up probably from wood. The rings were...
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    WTB Nanao MS8/MS9 (Astro City Compatible)

    Wow looks great, I am inspired Thanks 😊
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    WTB Nanao MS8/MS9 (Astro City Compatible)

    Not seeing any After pics just before in that thread, would be great to see it fixed though.
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    Konami Windy Restoration with Video!

    Nice work and a lovely cab.
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    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    How does Dodonpachi play Lee? I am sure I need one of these too.
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    FOUND: Candy Cab

    I always thought you guys had Lower prices for your cabs, there’s been a couple of working Aero’s gone for less than 1K$ in the last month or so here in the UK. But yes cab prices are going up and up, just picked up a really nice Windy for just over a £1K.
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    FOUND: Candy Cab

    You should get an Astro and an Aero for 2K.
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    FOUND: 150W Power Supply for Dynamo HS-5

    That’s very common voltages, most arcade cab power supplies would work fine, here’s one. Power