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    [FOUND] Gamecube gameboy player

    Yeah, I wish you were in the US.
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    [FOUND] Gamecube gameboy player

    Yeah, just 15khz. Almost bought quadratic’s listed gba consolizer, still look at it from time to time hoping someone buys it to save me money. Also hoping someone has a surplus of players they don’t need anymore because of the consolizer.
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    [FOUND] Gamecube gameboy player

    Yeah but I’m playing on a crt.
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    [FOUND] Gamecube gameboy player

    Hello, I’m looking for a loose gameboy player, no disc. Color doesn’t particularly matter, but my gamecube is platinum. Anything less than ebay price of ~35 is good for me.
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    K C Game sale

    How much is stranger things?
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    How to get a 'brand new' monitor screen? My experience...

    I’m the opposite, bought it to buff monitor, use it for pinball now lol.
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    SOLD: Sony BVM 20F1U

    Seems very private.
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    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    That’s how it’s been for me for OEM and various repros. I have only had experience with 5 panels total though. Seems to be the design intent going into metals panels, it’s going to deform/file that nub and sit in the recess provided in the button.
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    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    Exactly, those bumps get filed down by the stainless steel hole edge when you press it in to maintain that tight fit. There is a small recess on the underside of the button flange for the shaving to fit into.
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    REPRO SEGA, SNK and TAITO Panels

    The overlay for all the panels should be oversized like you say so when you press the snap in buttons in, only the stainless steel scrapes against the buttons. You could probably do 1mm oversize and it still works, the flange of the button will cover it up anyways.
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    WTB NeoGeo SNK SC-19

    At this rate just do a whole container.
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    D&D ToD/SoM 4-player candy cabs?

    So literally playz ass....
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    KalessinDB's Come To Jesus sale

    No rush, just keep me posted.
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    KalessinDB's Come To Jesus sale

    Just curious if it was a nintendo multiout or individual jacks. When you get a chance can you snap a pic of the back? I’d be interested in buying this off you.