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    Puzzle Bobble 4 ERPOM changed question

    I doubt it was done in the factory but i am guessing it has been region swapped as the eprom that has been tampered with is the one that usually contains the region byte
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    WTB: working Sanwa PM1745/27Z21C chassis *found*

    That glass sound a lot like the glass on the pin2k pinballs and you get a similar effect if you put the glass in the wrong way up have you tried flipping the glass over?
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    About Sega Outrunners

    Never seen a DX Outrunners did they ever exist ? I have seen and worked on a few twin Outrunners and they don't have force feedback as such what they do is shake the steering assembly using a DC motor not sure if this is unique to this game or was used on other games. the shaking happens when...
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    ST-V CDROM drive replacement for Sport Fishing 2?

    assuming you have a complete machine and have both the game cart and special mpeg board that the original optical drives 20 pin flat cable plugs into your in good shape if not you will need any missing parts not sure if the optical drive from an saturn console will work as i never went down...
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    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    The board is soldered in the wrong place it is supposed to be positioned further down ie the row of empty holes goes where the switch pins you have soldered are and the edge of the adapter you have soldered should be soldered to the row of pins below it hope this makes sense
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    ST-V CDROM drive replacement for Sport Fishing 2?

    The orignal drive is an industrial cdrom drive uses a caddy to load the disc the problem is that it uses a custom proprietary interface and is complete unobtainium the good news is that the RHEA ODE unit developed for the early saturn home console will work in sports fishing 2 you will need to...
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    Electronic coin acceptor to Coin mechanism

    connect the black wire to the common terminal and white wire to the normaly open terminal on the coin micro switch leave the red wire disconnected just insulate it up so it can`t short on any thing
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    Sega Model 2/3 A/B/C - CRX and how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    Yes it is true you must have the i/o board connected at least power CN1 and comm CN2 for virtua cop 2 or HOTD to boot without it you ge pretty much what is shown in your picture
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    Konami Viper - Game swap methodology?

    The only viper game i know of that uses a dongle is police 911 2 and the other game that uses the internal serial number is code one dispatch and the serial is tied to the rtc so if your rtc dies and you don`t have a backup for your specific main board you are screwed this game can only be...
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    Interest Check: Darksoft Namco System 12 Multi - unofficial

    In in for 2 units totaly worth it just for the gun games the rest of games good too
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    Please add me to the list for 1 unit I have a p47 that has just been waiting for this.
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    Does point blank 2 even exists on the Namco system 12?

    I If this works there should be a picture of a system 12 point blank 2 pcb
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    Does point blank 2 even exists on the Namco system 12?

    Finally Had a chance to find the system 12 point blank 2 pcb set and take some photos just need to work out how to post them in the mean time the main large bottom pcb silk screen text is ( SYSTEM 12 MOTHER (B) PCB ) the paper label on the bottom ( GNB5 VER.A ) top pcb ( COH-700 Sony part #...
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    Does point blank 2 even exists on the Namco system 12?

    Point Blank 2 definitely exists on both system 11 and 12 as i have both and they play identically