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    Namco system 246
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    WTB: Blast City proper marquee light fixture

    what parts your need? let me know. i will test and clean.then put my web thanks james
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    YATON FS. LOT ARCADE CABINETS AND FOR PARTS (Also 10 astro city and 10 blast city with 4 net city booking)

    吨hanks your thanks your purchased my cabs and to me a positive feedback. also then you refurbishing need any small parts let me know. i will free you and you just pay shipping fee .thanks again .james
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    WTB: Naomi GD-Rom Data Cable
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    SEGA Candy Lock Bracket
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    SEGA Candy Lock Bracket

    sega astro/new astro/ jamma board door tang hook metal
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    Namco 246/256 Jamma i/o board and multi system wanted
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    help: which parts should buy for time crisis 4 and how to hook up the wire ??? 256 MOBO W/GAME HDD GUN BOARD...
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    WTB: Cps2 B shell bottom half
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    512MB Naomi NetDimm
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    Sega Astro city parts needed - help/ anyone have one? the control panel and door total 6 x screw i will free you thanks yaton james
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    WTB. Lower Half of Sega Astro city

    hi. check my web. thanks james
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    WTB Naomi Net Dimm Setup

    what ver dimm board need? 3.17 or 4,01
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    YATON FS: 4 different model naomi power supply

    tested working .every one 70usd shipping free