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  1. kingpin

    Positive Feedback for CHAOS0187

    Thanks @CHAOS0187 for a smooth transaction! Much appreciated!
  2. kingpin

    Sega Dreamcast Agetec Stick Replacement Panel

    That'd be cool. Id be interested in 2 if the price is reasonable.
  3. kingpin

    WTB Astro City Front Panel

  4. kingpin

    WTB Astro City Front Panel

    Thanks man. Yeah I've tried them both. Sadly, their reputations are accurate. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  5. kingpin

    WTB Astro City Front Panel

    Hey guys. Anyone know or can source an Astro City front panel? This is mainly what I'm looking for: Prefer it to be an Astro City as opposed to a New Astro City front panel, but at this point I'm open to both (assuming the New Astro will fit an original Astro)...
  6. kingpin

    FS Sega Dreamcast To Jamma Converter

    Interested as well. How long would shipping take to the USA? How do we order?
  7. kingpin

    SOLD Astro City Cab

    Yeah, I read it. 1. I'm aware, hence why I said I will be contacting my friends around there (Virginia, NC, DC, Maryland) to see if there may be interest. 2. When did I say anything about shipping? I have cabs in California. Don't talk to me like I can't read.
  8. kingpin

    SOLD Astro City Cab

    I'm asking some friends around there to see if there may be any interest. However, if for some reason you may consider parting this out, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am looking for front panel for one of my Astros.
  9. kingpin

    Sega New Versus City Restoration

    Cool. Please keep us posted when you add it to your site for purchase. Definitely interested in buying a set.
  10. kingpin

    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    Good call. 100%. I've dealt with KC in the past a few times and each time my experience has been frustrating. He was disingenuous most of the time and all he ever TRULY cared about was getting the money and moving (selling) the cab. That's it. Nothing else. No customer service, no...
  11. kingpin

    Universal JAMMA versus kit

    Put me down for one please
  12. kingpin

    FS Neo Geo MVS carts and motherboards

    DM sent about a 1 slot board
  13. kingpin

    Positive feedback for Anselmo

    Smooth transaction. Just picked up some spare SIMMS from him. Just wanted to give him some positive feedback as a seller.
  14. kingpin

    FS CPS3 Simms (128, 64, 32)

    PM sent.
  15. kingpin

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    I'd like one as well. Put me on the list.
  16. kingpin

    CPS1 Hyper Fighting -> CPS2

    This is awesome. Thank you, @mikejmoffitt
  17. kingpin

    DARKSOFT Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Got my tracking number and refund notice this morning, too! So hyped up!
  18. kingpin

    WTB Sega Astro City 1 Player Control Panel Overlay (Reproduction)

    Yeah I did end up contacting Olly through the website's "Contact Us" link. I will try Ken also. I don't need the actual panel, just 2 overlays. I have the panels already, they're from a Blast City. I just want the cp artwork match the cabs, that's all.