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  1. bartre

    FS Spring Cleaning - Parts & PCBs (updated 5/6)

    all sold items have been shipped, added new parts today. I'm running low on shipping supplies tho, so please excuse me if it takes a couple extra days to ship
  2. bartre

    FS Spring Cleaning - Parts & PCBs (updated 5/6)

    Hey all, clearing space and knocking out some spring cleaning Photos available on request, prices do not include shipping, open to offers New items in bold PCBs- Street Fighter II Magic Edition bootleg - $50 The main event - $60 Mr driller - $150 2X taito type X3 computers (upgraded & bios...
  3. bartre

    WTB WTB- Coin slot cover

    Hey all, My 2nd Exceleena is missing it's coin slot cover, here's a photo of the one that I DO have- I would just use one of the spare other covers I have, but interestingly enough the screw holes are flipped compared to a regular sega one. Anyone have one of these kicking around or know...
  4. bartre

    FS Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

    I'm glad to see he's popped back up, but has anyone received their money back or has mitsu received the package or tracking? Not trying to be rude, but at this point I'd be hesitant to believe anything not backed up by action.
  5. bartre

    FS Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    I'm just interested in a harness and amp, can I just grab that directly? I reached out to dragonminded a while back but got no response
  6. bartre

    Namco Exceleena 1 + 2 cabinets.

    I'm referring to part 10 from the manual. The 2s control panel piece just comes off rather than being on any kind of a hinge, and the tray attached to the cab has (i think) 8 screws that just hug it to the front of the machine.
  7. bartre

    Namco Exceleena 1 + 2 cabinets.

    Realized I never updated. Had a welder friend patch the hole and got both my lowers powdered. Color is ever so slightly different, but I'm more than happy
  8. bartre

    Namco Exceleena Restoration

    Heck yeah, hopefully you're happy with the results.
  9. bartre

    Namco Exceleena Restoration

    Yeah I just dumpstered several of the original PSUs, kept the two that didn't catch fire in case I ever want to go back or if I sell them and the buyer wants original. Tapped screw holes into the base for mounting, then crimped my own adapters/extensions to make the really nice VS city harness...
  10. bartre

    Namco Exceleena Restoration

    FWIW, i wouldn't bother saving that power supply. They're a straight up fire hazard at one point I had 5, 3 of which had visible fire/arcing damage from past failures. My solution was an NVS-4000 power supply and a Versus city harness. Also when you're done powder coating, i found that using...
  11. bartre

    FS come get a fancy xbox

    hey y'all, I've got too many of these suckers hanging around all prices include shipping as well as a regular controller and power/AVs i'll knock a few bucks off if you don't need cables All consoles have had their bios flashed, thermal paste replaced, and clock capacitors removed Mountain Dew...
  12. bartre

    WTB Gals panic S2

    Yeah from what I'm finding messing with MAME it looks like the euro and Korean (SU) versions are censored, as even with messing with dips, bios, and multiple 100% clears there haven't been any showtime events. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I can't seem to make the rom swap work in MAME...
  13. bartre

    WTB Gals panic S2

    SU is under a different parent room in MAME tho. Doesn't that mean it wouldn't matter if you swapped the Mobo region?
  14. bartre

    WTB Gals panic S2

    SU is censored tho, which imo defeats the point
  15. bartre

    WTB Gals panic S2

    Bump, still looking
  16. bartre

    FS Spring cleaning - PCBs & parts

    Hey all, it's not at all spring anymore but i'm trimming some fat and clearing some space. Prices include shipping within the US and are OBO Disney Magical Tetris challenge - $300 Columns - $100 SFEX2 rom board only - $75 Taito Type X3 with CPU, RAM, GPU upgrades - $600 Wonder boy in monster...
  17. bartre

    SOLD Sexy Parodius (JPN) - $425 Shipped

    Bro must be French Canadian
  18. bartre

    FS Egret 2/Windy 2/NNC/Q25 (Repair refund)

    Can you post updates on the project section instead of BST?