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  1. Kavas

    PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

    my esp also has faint graphics glitches. the clouds on character select is noticeably flickering and during gameplay sometimes the bombs glitch. I think fluffy at some point directed me to a chip to look at but I never got around to it.
  2. Kavas

    Complete! Haggard lookin' Konami Windy Restoration

    Always does so much with so little. And quick turn arounds. Amazing.
  3. Kavas

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I just got a pocket and did the update. Literally a program called Pocket_updater that does all the work for you. Inset sd card into pc and let the program run an update_all script. Then a matter of copying over everdrive rom directories into the right folders (which is a one time thing)...
  4. Kavas

    Ikari Warriors LS-30 Alternative?

    Interested in the results. I have 4 rotary sticks. Two I managed to clean but they could use a new dial pcb as mine are worn to shit. The other 2 I cannot get open. I think the seller must have glued the tops on. No amount of tooling can get it open from underneath. the GRS sticks look...
  5. Kavas

    Sega Trackball RGB LED mod

  6. Kavas

    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    Mine came as well, thanks!
  7. Kavas

    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    Are you here to stay? In case I need some in the future as well?
  8. Kavas

    3D printed replacement cases for carts

    Ive only got a problem on my fluffy espgaluda cart. The graphics sometimes glitch out. I recall there was a picture fluffy posted some time ago that showed what each of the roms does. likely a graphics rom. Been on my to do list forever. Even tho they check out sometimes they are still glitchy...
  9. Kavas

    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    Just a thank you for the work that your doing.
  10. Kavas

    DARKSOFT Get your MultiMVS Here:

    I'm in, but you guys already knew that right?
  11. Kavas

    SOLD Tecmo Urban Candy Cabinet

    Seconded. Who's got a vacuum former and cnc machine?! :)
  12. Kavas

    SOLD Tecmo Urban Candy Cabinet

    It could be repro'ed. Someone had industry sized equipment and the will to do it, but the fella with the cabinet never got any of the sizes/dimensions or the piece to be fabricated sent out. As the rest is wood a few diy'ers would surely build the rest from wood. If we have guys on here like...
  13. Kavas

    SOLD Tecmo Urban Candy Cabinet

    Whoever bought this please put a video out on it. Such a rare cab
  14. Kavas

    Missing connector on 246 help

    Only jvs io I have other than this namco one is the capcom jvs io. Think that will work?
  15. Kavas

    Missing connector on 246 help

    Hey guys, Finally opened up a namco 246 I purchased last year to test it out and discovered that I might be missing a connector. On the namco jamma adapter you can see this angled connector. It's 20 pins and I think its part of the FRC5 series. My google fu can't come up with a site that has...
  16. Kavas

    FM Towns Marty 2/4MB RAM expansion card reproduction

    I tried finding a definitive list of marty only games and those that required fdd, hdd, etc and there isn't a list out there that I could find. A lot of lists combine the towns pc library. Maybe someone's Google fu is better than mine tho. I just grabbed anything I could find and if someday I...
  17. Kavas

    FM Towns Marty 2/4MB RAM expansion card reproduction

    Yea out of town this weekend missed out. I'll hopefully nab one when I return if they come back in stock
  18. Kavas

    PGM makes it to the Switch!

    Asian store. Do I need to make an Asian account to purchase these?