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  1. streetfighterken

    This is not ok

    Damn, now I want to know why they specifically chose you to throw you under the bus lol
  2. streetfighterken

    WTB Looking for replacement 55in monitor for Groove Coaster

    Can confirm. The CU8000 is one of the thinnest budget tvs right now. It can just sit in the opening without any mounting. I used duct tape to secure it so it's at least not wobbling around.
  3. streetfighterken

    Toshiba PF tri-sync -- best place to send for repair in US in 2024?

    I have 2 chassis now with no video (but audibly can tell they are on).
  4. streetfighterken

    FS Segasonic the Hedgehog PCB System 32 with Trackball IO

    Priced too low. Congrats to buyer for being in the right place at the right time.
  5. streetfighterken

    Dismantling a New/Astro City - how hard it can be?

    The base is definitely stubborn to reassemble by yourself but if you have another person it should be easier.
  6. streetfighterken

    Vanilla Street Fighter IV 2 Player Mode

    Does linking require some network subscription bullshit or is it peer to peer so anyone can do it?
  7. streetfighterken

    FS Pump It Up XX HDD and dongle

    Beware new user.
  8. streetfighterken

    Vanilla Street Fighter IV 2 Player Mode

    Any reason you're not running the multi? Export is available on it.
  9. streetfighterken

    Vanilla Street Fighter IV 2 Player Mode

    Yep. Pretty sure you need an export version.
  10. streetfighterken


    Look closer at the recent listings, boss :)
  11. streetfighterken

    WTB WTB - Triforce Type 3 media board or whole unit

    Bump. I've obtained 1 Triforce with the gdrom media board, looking for 1 more.
  12. streetfighterken

    CPS3 Bad Sprite RAM (24000000)

    I've had an original CPS3 for many years and can tell you that simms fail without touching them and cause graphic glitches. I had several fail within a 1 year span for some reason. They've since been replaced with repro simms. I wouldn't doubt that bad simms could produce a false positive on the...
  13. streetfighterken

    FS Pump It Up GX (SX2) - SE South Dakota

    $2,500 The arcade I operate got a new cab so we're pulling this one. Strongly prefer local pickup. Playable at a high level. Frankenstein MK9 in a MK6 case. No CRT. Will include the LCD for free for local pick up. Original bezel included as well. The sensors marked in pink are flakey. They...
  14. streetfighterken

    WTB WTB - Triforce Type 3 media board or whole unit

    I have a pair of Japanese Mario Kart GP2 cabs with NAND media boards. They can't be switched to English, so I'm looking for the gdrom media boards that I can CF-boot the export version.
  15. streetfighterken

    Updating a Triforce Type 3 to use CF cards, tutorial

    It does have the IDE header. It won’t just boot from IDE if I remove the NAND? I have a pair of JP Mario Kart GP2s I’m trying to get in English. What are my options? I’ve tried the zero key and changing region to USA but the game rom is in Japanese and can’t be changed. (Game actually won’t boot...