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  1. MostVerticalPrimate

    FS MP07-IONA-US JVS/USB I/O Board v3.11: Worldwide Sales & Troubleshooting Thread

    Just got my Iona, plugged it in so I can play GG, and when it got past boot, all it said was this: I connected the device to my PC via firmware mode to see if it needed to be updated. Made sure my gamepad was unplugged. WinUSB and even device manager don't recognize it. In the times I've...
  2. MostVerticalPrimate

    FS Some good boards :)

    If only I'd been faster. Never seen a Gradius that cheap.
  3. MostVerticalPrimate

    FS Some good boards :)

    Is my dyslexia actin up or is that price on Gradius III correct? What was the issue with it?
  4. MostVerticalPrimate

    MAS Super Nova and Undamned Adapters issue

    Howdy all. A while back I bought a few Undamned PS3/360 decoders from Paradise Arcade and had JammaNationX wire up one of his Atlas boards with the power needed to use them. Got the adapters and plugged em into the Atlas board and the corresponding wires, but I don't get full signals from them...
  5. MostVerticalPrimate

    FS [For Sale] JVS to USB converter (MP07-IONA-US)

    I would love one as well if you still have them. I've been meaning to get one for my scene.
  6. MostVerticalPrimate

    Nesica X Live issues

    UPDATE: I went and replaced the RAM sticks. After putting everything back in, there was no video signal. Reseated the RAM again, nothing. Checked the PSU, worked fine, and the boot code was 4-3-4-3, indicating that it passed the boot check. After all that, I removed the GPU and ran it off the...
  7. MostVerticalPrimate

    WTB Blue Diamond Vewlix JVS IO

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a JVS IO for my Blue Diamond Vewlix. I currently have FastIO installed on it, but no way to play any FastIO titles. The last JVS IO I bought was too small for my harness, and I know one has to be out there.
  8. MostVerticalPrimate

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2026 (updated 6/11/2024)

    Damn it. This sucks to hear, you were who I bought my Vewlix, my first ever cab from. Please people, support him by any means.
  9. MostVerticalPrimate

    Namco System ES3 problems

    Hello all, the OKC Round 1 has been having issues with the Tekken 7 cab. Initially it was having slowdown on certain stages, but now it's not booting at all. It throws up this error message when trying to boot. Any ideas as to what the cause might be and how to fix it? Does the GPU need...
  10. MostVerticalPrimate

    Nesica X Live issues

    Excellent. I'll pass that on to my other technicians. Hopefully they'll allow us to fix it. Thank you for answering so quickly.
  11. MostVerticalPrimate

    Nesica X Live issues

    I went and ran the diagnostics and it says it's having trouble connecting to the Nesys server, but I trust what you have to say. Would replacing the RAM help with at least getting the games to boot?
  12. MostVerticalPrimate

    Nesica X Live issues

    Hi all, Round 1 just opened up here where I live, and with it there's two Vewlixes with Nesica installed. There's a slight problem with the black diamond one however. Certain games (Blazblue Central Fiction, Ultra Street Fighter 4, the Capcom CPS2/3 games, KoF 13) however, will not run and will...
  13. MostVerticalPrimate

    Naomi powering on, but no picture EDIT: fixed

    I know that now. Had no idea the VGA was mandatory. But it works.
  14. MostVerticalPrimate

    Naomi powering on, but no picture EDIT: fixed

    plugged it into a spare monitor I have, using VGA. Still yielded no signal.
  15. MostVerticalPrimate

    Naomi powering on, but no picture EDIT: fixed

    Just bought a Sega Naomi setup with a Capcom IO for my Supergun. Plugged in all of the needed components and plugged the harness into the IO. The Naomi turns on and sounds like a jet engine, which means it's getting power, but no signal comes in. In some cases, it attempts to make a signal, but...
  16. MostVerticalPrimate

    FS Arcade sale thread

    Rayforce still available?
  17. MostVerticalPrimate

    WTB Capcom I/O board for Sega Naomi

    Looking to buy a Capcom I/O board for Sega Naomi with JVS and USB cables. I don't need a VGA cable or kick harness (my supergun already has one).
  18. MostVerticalPrimate

    Greetings from Oklahoma

    Hi, figured I would introduce myself here. I'm MostVerticalPrimate, long time gamer since birth, and first time arcade collector as of recently. I play and collect anything; Capcom, Sega, SNK, Namco, Midway, Atari, ArcSys, Toaplan, Raizing, Cave, Seibu Kaihatsu, I love them all. Video games are...