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  1. zombie343

    Home Arcade System

    Apologies, but where is the post about how to fix this?
  2. zombie343

    What will eventually replace the SUN PSU for NAOMI NetDimm users?

    Is he willing to share KICAD/gerber files or modify it?
  3. zombie343

    What will eventually replace the SUN PSU for NAOMI NetDimm users?

    Did he make that PCB with the voltage meter (3) and I/O rocker switch?
  4. zombie343

    Two or Three-prong power cord for SUN 400-5397 PSU?

    Hello! Using the photo below to explain my situation. I have two SEGA Naomi setups (1 NetBoot, 1 MvsC2) and I have multiple options for power configurations, including a SUN PSU that was modified similar (but different) to the picture below. This person below removed the JST (2-pin)...
  5. zombie343

    Sega Naomi 2 + Capcom IO power question

    Apologies for the necro. What part number is being used for the voltage regulator?
  6. zombie343

    ATX-to-JVS Adapter & Voltmeter PCB

    My search for Naomi/JVS PSU voltage measurements has lead me here. I guess no one has tested this design? Shoot, I'd even take a voltmeter in a cable
  7. zombie343

    MITSU SUN PSU External Power Cables

    I should buy another one of these.
  8. zombie343

    DARKSOFT CPS2 Multikit: Instructions and videos (old version till 10.2020)

    Someone come up with an addon board that does this. Stat! :P
  9. zombie343

    CPS2 I/O Interface

    Thank you. Please let me know! My CPS2 already has Darksoft and the HDMI mod. I'm looking to clean up and consolidate my superguns and PSUs. I would prefer not to build it myself, due to other projects and commitments. :)
  10. zombie343

    CPS2 I/O Interface

    Apologies for the necro/bump. Are these still available? I've never seen them anywhere else. I think I may have missed my chance. :(
  11. zombie343

    DB15 to JVS adapter

    Thank you so much for the detail @UrQuan3 . I'll report back when I have some @Raph_friend's USB2DB15 in hand.
  12. zombie343

    DB15 to JVS adapter

    I guess I'll buy your USB2DB15 (4 of them) when they become available and then @UrQuan3's 4-player board and test it out. So...I guess I'll just wait. @UrQuan3, will you need to do any firmware updates or anything? I doubt it, but I also don't understand JVS (I think it's just RS232 over...
  13. zombie343

    DB15 to JVS adapter

    I'm willing to buy @UrQuan3's 3-player adapter and 4 of @Raph_friend 's adapters to test 4-player support .....but I suspect Raph is asking because 4-players may require a firmware update for JVS translation? (Just a guess) ....but any guidance is appreciated.
  14. zombie343

    DB15 to JVS adapter

    @UrQuan3 can you comment if your DB15 pin out matches Raph's? The reason why I'm here asking, is because I want 4-player support from JVS and only @UrQuan3 seems to provide that. Thanks!
  15. zombie343

    DB15 to JVS adapter

    Thank you for the fast replies. As soon as 4 of Ralph's USB2DB15 become available, I will have to try them with UrQuan3's adapter. @Raph_friend: I guess it will work but will requiring be needed? What's the best way to achieve re-wiring? Desilder DB15 and use headers on your device?
  16. zombie343

    DB15 to JVS adapter

    Thank you for your hard work! This is so cool. I haven't seen 4-player input available for NAOMI that includes controller support yet! I would like to rewire the DB15 connectors to use in USB2DB15. I'm happy to do it by hand, but curious if there was so easy cable solution or perhaps headers...
  17. zombie343

    Open Source USB2DB15 for Supergun adapter

    Love the work! Keep them coming!
  18. zombie343

    MITSU S-JIHP: Sega JVS I/O Helper PCB

    I'm interesting in this but, could it be simplified with JVS->USB bridge? Or USB-DB15? If I'm mistaken, I apologize.
  19. zombie343

    Open Source USB2DB15 for Supergun adapter

    Eager to order 2-4 USB2DB15 for a Naomi consolization project (prefer headers)