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Oct 11, 2015
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New York City, New York USA
Using the photo below to explain my situation. I have two SEGA Naomi setups (1 NetBoot, 1 MvsC2) and I have multiple options for power configurations, including a SUN PSU that was modified similar (but different) to the picture below.

This person below removed the JST (2-pin) connector on their Naomi PSU and replaced it with a US power plug. My Naomi PSU was modified where the 2-pin JST connector was kept intact, except a 3rd pin was added to connect ground to the PSU via screw on the exterior of the PSU enclosure.

Why would would someone do this? Is this better? Why does someone want a 3-prong modification with a ground wire, versus the two prong wire picture below? In my case, the AC power cord can be unplugged from the 3-pin JST connector, so I guess that's a bonus. (But I guess it was a 2-pin JST connector previously, without a ground wire in the past)?

Why would someone mod a SUN PSU for 3-prong vs 2-prong PSU? Thank you

Because it should be grounded.

The 3-pin connector is normal on these. Middle position is unused.
Really should be using 3-prong and using the internal ground on the case to ground it.