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    FS Taito 43cm /48cm Stools

    Well, in that case... sign me up for 2x 48cm, please! I would love red if available, but black is fine. For those following along, I received two 43cm stools in great condition.
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    Positive feedback for Advans14

    Bought a couple Taito 43cm stools. Easy to work with, packed and shipped the item quickly, and had great communication. Thanks!
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    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    My Cbox has the linear knob, not the discrete switches, and I'm not sure what it was set to when it was built. I have the Axun EU-SCART cable, but I've been afraid to use it because I can't find confirmation that it has resistors for displays/switches/upscalers that expect 75 ohm output. Can...
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    Naomi 2 HDMI

    Did you use the web GUI to upload the file? The web GUI also has a virtual remote you can use to navigate the OSD.
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    FS Taito 43cm /48cm Stools

    PM for two
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    FS Mini Cute Repro and New Net City (Conversion)

    Great seller who does excellent work. PM about the Mini Cute. For Benime's sake, I hope a great local buyer shows up. For my sake, I hope one does not 😁 How is the monitor mounted? Did the repro Cutes come with a tate-capable mount, or did everyone have to DIY? I'm specifically looking to get a...
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    Naomi 2 HDMI

    TBF, there may be a way to reset Wi-Fi settings without Wi-Fi connectivity, but I don’t know what it is. Getting a new router should be fine as long as all the key settings remain the same (SSID, password, gateway, subnet, auth type). And in a pinch, you can always get a cheap router (e.g. run...
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    Naomi 2 HDMI

    How to get the Wi-Fi menu back if you want to reset it: If you still have the Wi-Fi credentials, you can reset it from the admin GUI. Otherwise, I’m not sure. Supposedly DCDigital also supports a CEC TV remote to control the OSD. How to update firmware: Use the web GUI. DCDigital.local is the...
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    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    Great example of an unmet need in the community. Thankfully, @jcmorrisii has been able to scale production to meet demand. Hopefully there’s actually some profit in this and it’s not just a charity project!
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    FS FS: Konami Windy 1 (Pink Windy) SOLD

    Wow, that was fast. I got next if the first one falls through! 🪙
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    FS Nanao Ms9-29

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    FS [PUSHED INTO STREET] - New Delta 32 (Yeah, that one fancy rotation mech LCD cab) - GET IT GONE PRICE 9/18

    Rotation mechanism demo at 1:00 - what I watch when I’m feeling the thirst for a rotation mech cab
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    Raspberry Pi TO JAMMA Arcade Cabinet Interface

    Ordered. I've been looking for a Pi JAMMA solution to cover games I can't play on original hardware or MiSTer. Arpicade is pricey, and Recalbox JAMMA doesn't appear to be taking orders now, so this looked like a good option.
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    FOUND Sega Astro City

    Congrats! MiSTercade is undergoing revision to free up a GPIO for dual RAM for new cores like Mortal Kombat. Not sure how long that'll take, but it might be a bummer to buy a v1.2 now only to be unable to play a bunch of future cores. Edit: Found the tweet...
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    Thanks. I’m leery of anything SCART without reassurance that the cable has the appropriate resistor on the sync line, and I can’t find any such confirmation (except that you haven’t blown up your RT5X). For the Cbox’s DE15 port, it only outputs RGBS, not YPbPr, right? So DE15 to component would...
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    So you're using it with an RT5X without issue? Have you used it with a gscartsw?
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    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Totally get why someone might not want to build the same product forever, and we see a similar pattern in a lot of creators who move on. But if a creator is no longer planning to monetize a creation, it would be very cool if they would open source it both for DIY and for other sellers.
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    Positive feedback for Lightforce

    @Lightforce sold me an Arthrimus Jammaizer. Easy transaction, great price, good packing, and quick shipping. After we agreed on a price, he added unexpected extras— an EZ MC Cthulhu board and two controller adapters— and I started thinking it was like the meme with the Gamecube that had the cash...