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  1. djsheep

    CPS1 Multi review by Scarlett Sprites

    What’s Zelda?
  2. djsheep

    NAMCO SYSTEM 2 Multi

    Both are good. Marvel Land is a lot of fun but very difficult and frustrating at times. I think Valkyrie for me is top tier on the system, a top down action game with RPG elements developed by Namco from that era? Can’t really go wrong. The multi will axe the need for a gazillion EPROMs and...
  3. djsheep

    NAMCO SYSTEM 2 Multi

    So glad I didn’t sell my Marvel Land PCB or attempt the Valkyrie conversion. Sign me up!
  4. djsheep

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    The MiSTer comments are likely people hoping for an ongoing echo chamber online to validate their choices on how to game. No one ever really asks for that mob to chime in, it just shows some level of insecurity that that crowd has. Just be comfortable with your choices and deal with the...
  5. djsheep

    CPS1 Multi review by Scarlett Sprites

    Awesome review @Scarletspeedstr, you nailed the explanation for everything really well.
  6. djsheep

    23/2024 Customer Service Update

    Glad you’re doing ok mate. Good to see you back.
  7. djsheep

    Ikari Warriors LS-30 Alternative?

    @xb74 found something a while back. I’ve got it here and tested it with great results. I’ll let him elaborate more on it…
  8. djsheep

    Interest Check: Repo Restrictor disc for Gundam Stick Monkey Ball joysticks…

    I can handle Australian orders if there’s enough interest and just split the shipping.
  9. djsheep

    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Not arcade related, but Sydneysiders, I'm in your town spinning records. At Rekodo at Barangaroo House tonight (Saturday) from 6:30pm - 11:30pm: Tomorrow (Sunday) at El Primo Sanchez in Paddington from 5pm - close...
  10. djsheep

    WTB Cave arcade pops/art/obi from kits

    Fair price. The condition of your arts is a lot cleaner than the auctions and the part that’s hardest to find is the suction cup.
  11. djsheep

    Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games

    You guys all smashed this project out the park! Kudos!
  12. djsheep

    WTB Denjin Makai 1, The Simpsons, Thunder Hoop 2 and Turbo Force

    Thunder Hoop 2 here:
  13. djsheep

    SOLD All sold - BlueSCSI v1 for CPS3 - $US40 + $US15 shipping

    If all my setups weren’t UltraSIMMed out, I’d grab these. Thanks again for all your kindness and contributions to the community @hatmoose
  14. djsheep

    SOLD NAC Splitfire + RetroAccess VGA-SCART cable

    Why hasn’t anyone bought this. Bargain! GLWTS!
  15. djsheep

    Namco Exceleena Restoration

    Nice find. Never seen those before. Good work on the restore matey.
  16. djsheep

    New Australian Distributor

    Got a fresh stack of openkey-cps-2 and they're back in stock for immediate shipping: All orders pending will be shipped out this afternoon. openkey-cps1 / cps1.5 / kabuki are also stocked up: