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  1. LittleLarrySellers

    WTB Dig Dug harness

    If you by chance have a complete one of these sitting on a shelf somewhere, I'm your guy!
  2. LittleLarrySellers

    MITSU CPS1.X Multi Dual Crystal

    I saw a box with the familiar Arcade Projects packing tape on the porch and knew what arrived! Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend. Thx again, guys.
  3. LittleLarrySellers

    FS Galaga cocktail $900 - 18052

    Mama Cass Monday Monday $800 bump!
  4. LittleLarrySellers

    Convert Dai Makai-Mura (Japan Resale Ver.) To Ghouls N Ghosts Possible

    Should just be the 4 roms I labeled here. I used a double size eprom so I can select between US and Japan version.
  5. LittleLarrySellers

    FS Pole Position $750 - 18052 PA

    last call, people. this is like 85% there... I am debating just finishing up the restore myself this summer and figuring out a way to fit it into my lineup.
  6. LittleLarrySellers

    SOLD UMK3 Lions Acrylic

    pretty nice condition - $50 shipped CONUS PP FF
  7. LittleLarrySellers

    FS NARC wiring harness

    Not sure how I ended up with an extra one but I did. I believe this is complete. I looked at my actual cab and this seems to be everything minus control panel harness. There is one big capacitor missing on the little board that is used for voltage to Sound Pcb or I think that is what it is for...
  8. LittleLarrySellers

    FS Galaga cocktail $900 - 18052

    This is a nice Galaga cocktail that I am only moving because I have no more room. gorgeous new glass top by Phoenix Arcades - I still have the original and it is serviceable if you need as a backup I will include for free control panels taken apart and cleaned and hit with rustoleum and new...
  9. LittleLarrySellers

    x68000 and OSSC

    OK, I randomly picked FW 0.86aud and.... We can watch Jackie Gleason while we eat!!! I didn't have to tweak anything to get it to sync. I do need to adjust image a little but we're in business. So, latest firmware definitely is what was my issue. thanks guys!! Can't wait to dive into this...
  10. LittleLarrySellers

    x68000 and OSSC

    Not yet, I'll report back once I get a chance.
  11. LittleLarrySellers

    x68000 and OSSC

    Looks like Mister addons has a VGA to Scart cable that is properly attenuated. These are all the same standard pinout, right, or does Mister IO use something unique?
  12. LittleLarrySellers

    x68000 and OSSC

    All these VGA to scart adapters are sold out. I'll try downgrading firmware and playing with these OSSC settings some more.
  13. LittleLarrySellers

    x68000 and OSSC

    The seller claims it was. I haven't opened up the system yet. I know its a process. I was hoping to get everything in working order before I take a peak behind the curtain.
  14. LittleLarrySellers

    x68000 and OSSC

    Interesting, I see Marqs commented recently that there are some compatibility issues with OSSC Pro and x68000 and someone reported trying scart instead... maybe latest firmware for the regular OSSC picked up some of these issues.
  15. LittleLarrySellers

    x68000 and OSSC

    I hadn't used my OSSC in some time so the first thing I did was update the firmware. womp womp. You saying the latest firmware doesn't play nice with x68000 over VGA input? I tried the tweaking of the settings @ShootTheCore mentioned but nothing is locking it in. I can look for a scart adapter...
  16. LittleLarrySellers

    x68000 and OSSC

    The light is green and it is just rapidly displaying no sync over and over. Pressing info doesn't do anything.