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  1. Nebula

    TLCS-90 Internal ROM Reader Tool

    Last months I was working on a dump project . In this case the tool is intended to dump the internal ROM present on some MCU devices from the Toshiba TLCS-90 series. Some NMK games, such Thunder Dragon, Hacha Mecha Figher and Double Dealer, and some other Jaleco games, such as Big Striker, use...
  2. Nebula

    WTB or trade for these hard to get PCBs

    Curious about “Nosferatu”. You mean “Nostradamus” instead?
  3. Nebula

    FS Undercover Cops Alpha PCB

    curious about the differences in components between korean and japanese ones. Is it just a replacement of some components to proper ones in terms of brand, values.... or there are some unpopulated/different circuit in korean one? Btw, glws
  4. Nebula

    FS Joko3 Personalized Japan Proxy Buying Services Are Back

    I can assure this is completely true. I saved lot of money thanks to Joko's job. Much appreciated!
  5. Nebula

    Taito Dual Screen Composer

    yep! that one is entirely based in the previous work of @Hatsune Mike. I only designed and made a small pcb (currently in prototype status) using the same FPGA he did, and adapted the HDL code to output CGA video signal using the same original DAC from Taito. :thumbsup:
  6. Nebula

    Irem M72 MCU Dumps Needed - If you own a Multi You can Help!
  7. Nebula

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    Hi, I’m interested in two units of Reco PCB. Please, let me know when it will be available again. Thanks!
  8. Nebula

    FS Few PCBS

    could you upload a picture of that Daioh proto pcb?
  9. Nebula

    Cps2 - Battery vs infinikeyed

    Some people out there are arguing if inserting/programming the keys every time the board boots is a good thing, and let it does every boot could be probably harmful in long-term (as the original system was not intented to be reprogrammed lots of times during it's lifetime) I think that's not...
  10. Nebula

    A68KSA30X and MS9

    If you plan to change the S-caps to fit the tube as @Mukuro_W stated above, you may also want to keep the total capacitance of the 2 S-Capacitors present in MS9 chassis, in order to prevent affecting the 15KHz mode working. C519 and C531 have a total capacitance of 1.15uF. If you replace one...
  11. Nebula

    A68KSA30X and MS9

    Heater resistance in the chassis should be different when using a Hitachi tube and a Toshiba tube. IIRC ms9-su chassis (tipically paired to Hitachi tube) has a 1.5 Ohm heater resistance. However any other ms9 chassis model paired to Toshiba tubes has a 3.3Ohm on it. Not really a problem, but...
  12. Nebula

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer (CLOSED as of 8/21/23)

    Thanks to Joko, I saved lot of money a while ago. Buyee consolidated some items I previously purchased by my own, resulting in a stupid big package. They didn't take apart the original individual domestic shipping boxes, and they put them all into a big box. Obviously, shipping it in tha way to...
  13. Nebula

    Asayuki's logic comparator Clone

    Unfortunatelly, logic comparator doesn't work with ICs with bidirectional pins (i.e. pins that are changing between acting as input or output over time). That's why you are getting inconsistent results, because the instant when some pin is acting as an input (and thus produces an output at the...
  14. Nebula

    Capcom CPS1/1.5: Regional Differences in Games

    Also in SF2CE and SF2HF japanese version there is a dip switch setting to allow "versus" play (1p vs. 2p) with only one coin. The game is over after battle ends, even for the winner. Only present in japanase versions
  15. Nebula

    Fixed! - Was: Need a ROM file to repair a Super Contra...

    Congrats! That was a hard one… again, Fujitsu curse on those Konami boards
  16. Nebula

    Have you seen this little daughter board on a cps2?

    That's simply a rom board to extend the Q-Sound rom space, because there is only 2 slots in the main B board dedicated to that. Some games use that to allocate more sound data space.
  17. Nebula

    Help identifying a coil on Nanao MS9 board

    This is what appears in the manual for Coil L504: EDIT: I see you already look at it on the manual... Unfortunately, there is no additional info for that...
  18. Nebula

    Modifying a 92631C-6 (Battery-less B-21 C-Board) to work like a 90631C-5 (Battery Backed B-21 C-Board)

    They are probably 0.1u, as any other decoupling cap along the other pcbs. There is nothing silkscreened on them, just brown color.
  19. Nebula

    Part identification please...

    They are 32k x 8 SRAMs in dip28 package