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  1. d123456

    JNX Lazy Finger - Inline DB15 Rapid Fire Adapter

    Hi XianXi, I would like to buy 1 (or 2 if you have) LazyFingers. I will be using them on a consolized 6slot with normal old style neogeo joysticks
  2. d123456

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Received a wonderfully packaged and perfectly working system 246. Thanks man!
  3. d123456

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    I've send you another PM without any answer. Did you send it yet?
  4. d123456

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Perhaps his pm box is full. We had been chatting before and seems a really cool dude. So I'm not angry at all, just curious.
  5. d123456

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Hi Defor, I'm still waiting for my System246 that you were sending me. I've tried contacting you through PM several times, so now it's time to go public.... What is up? Did you send it at all?
  6. d123456

    Wiring up Bomberman World to two cabs, what to do with audio?

    That looks glorious. Cool that the normal mode also supports 4 players!
  7. d123456

    The Top 5 Best Neo-Geo Games!

    Any list without Garou can be disregarded. Personal preference of course..... Everyone can list what they want. My list will follow, but Garou is the #1 game
  8. d123456

    Wiring up Bomberman World to two cabs, what to do with audio?

    HAd no idea that the pcb also supported 4 players! cool, thanks for the info. Would love to see a pic of bomberman running in 4 player mode with 2 cabs.
  9. d123456

    246/256 Specs

    System 246 rack C does indeed use both usb connections. One on the right side is for JVS. The left one tucked away a bit deeper above the power connector is used for a lan-egg to connect to other machines via a hub.
  10. d123456

    Hello from a latina girl

    Hi, check out Drakon's SFII CE hack He did alot of work and several versions. They're fun to play!
  11. d123456

    Product and service Delay Due to Personal Issues

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. Take care.
  12. d123456

    Emulation vs Real CPS2 Hardware Differences

    AFAIK, CPS-II is pretty well emulated. Still, I too do prefer original hardware even it would be 100% the same.
  13. d123456

    DARKSOFT CHD Extraction and Conversion Guide

    This is a no-braining download, thanks Ha, I was just struggling with this, this week. Turned out I had to delete volumes with diskpart (on windows10). Finally got to put chd's on cart for g-net multi using the 'g-net flasher' tool.
  14. d123456

    246 No Display Signal

    I concur (oh the arrogance ) with the tips given. As a last tip. Make sure that the game you're getting specifically works on a Rack-B System 246. But you probably already know that.
  15. d123456

    WTB Taito Egret 29

    hahaha, good one! I wish I had the balls to ask twistedsymphony how much he paid for it. For me this is the holy grail of candy cabs. I remember not liking this cab at all. But, this cab ages very very well.
  16. d123456

    Using sd to ide adapter for taito type zero games

    This might be useful for me at some point. Wish I could help. I'll be folowing your progress. Who could help Dion out?
  17. d123456

    How do I get a Naomi to display in 15k?

    Interesting. So there are 2 (main) types of VGA BNC cables RGBHV for use with 31Khz (you linked to) RGBc for use with 15khz (you pictured) But I see that on a RGBHV, pin 13 is H horizontal sync. So In this case is it possible to just use a RGBHV VGA BNC cable as well? Or is the ground in the...
  18. d123456

    Jamma harness for 3/4 players (video output)

    I have a strange feeling that this information will come in handy someday. If only Naomi Virtua Tennis 1 or 2 allowed 4 players and the game could be hacked to play in 16:9 like on DC and PS2. Running on a Megalo50 or Naomi50 with a two bench setup and a bigger 16:9 wide 70" screen, that would...
  19. d123456

    FS Interest in custom printed and much cheaper JVS I/O Boards and game cartridges?

    Great news, I'm happy to announce that I finally found the pcb's, so I'm good for now. But there might be more demand for repros besides me and rewrite, seeing as they break easily apparantly.
  20. d123456

    SUPER DUPER OLD THREAD: Important (maybe) Announcement about Mitsu

    Congrats on this amazing job opportunity. It's actually a very nice piece you wrote. Your knowledge, skills and additude are highly appreciated here at the forums.