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  1. ArcadeMachinist

    FS SEGA Harley-Davidson LA riders Deluxe

    BUMP. Still available, shoot your offer, need space.
  2. ArcadeMachinist

    SEGA G-Loc: complete restoration saga.

    It looks like RS232 control is the way to go. The most important feature of it - the motor driver itself is capable of handling Accel/Decel calculations. I would still run some more tests, like if the speed change is immediate and can be set while the motor is running (why not, but who knows)...
  3. ArcadeMachinist

    SEGA G-Loc: complete restoration saga.

    The pulley is 14mm shaft diameter, 5x10mm pin, 68mm OD, "Type A" V-Groove belt. I would say motors have enough juice and they hold very well. Extra 100kg in the seat make no difference, just 1.5A extra draw (for 2 motors combined) They are also fast enough, just require some tweaking. Eg...
  4. ArcadeMachinist

    SEGA G-Loc: complete restoration saga.

    Well, I can achieve same speed as original motors, but only for 1 drive at a time. If I use AccelStepper or MobaTools - the calculations for 2 steppers would make AtMega2560 too slow. If I use my own simple calculations (just to prevent motor stalling from high speed to 0) - i can do both...
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    SEGA G-Loc: complete restoration saga.

    I have AfterBurner Climax Lindbergh, I may fit into GLoc as a swappable board. That's just a test. However there would be some challenges with the speed to solve. AccelStepper library can't do more than 4000 steps/sec on ATMega2560, which is too slow. Even with motor driver set to 200 pulses...
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    Sega Y-Board Conversions

    Sorry for the late reply. I do think they are JDEC. Most of G-Loc's mask ROMs are 512Kb. Rail Chase is cool. I wish I had a full hardware set.
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    SEGA G-Loc: complete restoration saga.

    After a long pause I'm back into this project. No one, even "professional" paid services, was able to restore or recreate my 2nd motor drive board. So, I guess, it was time to move on. Meet new, closed loop hybrid servo powered G-Loc! It turns out original G-Loc motors (SEGA 16611) are...
  8. ArcadeMachinist

    RESOLVED: SEGA "Y Board" aka SuperScaler system. (G-Loc 1991)

    Update: CASE CLOSED Upon further investigating address and data lines with my scope I found out that one of the data lines behaves weird on SRAM chip pin. Doing some extra measurements it seems like there is a trace damage between EPROM socket and SRAM pin. However that trace is completly...
  9. ArcadeMachinist

    RESOLVED: SEGA "Y Board" aka SuperScaler system. (G-Loc 1991)

    I had this board working about a year ago. Tried to run it yesterday and it would not boot. MAME for ref: I looks like First MC68k CPU IC12 (315-5314 on MAME ascii art schematic), is stuck in a boot loop, 2 other MC68ks are...
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    FS FREE: Taito cab-2-cab chat system (part of it)

    Free for anyone who wants it and pays shipping from FL 32218. These are 2 client terminals. The system usualy has a hub and 4 terminals. So you must already have a hub or willing to search for it on YAJ/elsewhere. I personally saw this thing connected to Dissidia FF cabinets. If no one...
  11. ArcadeMachinist

    FS Taito Vewlix Spares.===> PRICE´S DROP.

    I used to have a networked USF4 setup on a private server, where you can use cards to save scores and customize your characters.
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    TTX2 bios password?

    Is it?
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    Cruis'n USA full motion restoration

    Updating: I have managed to rebuild sensors and to override (missing) pressure mats. One of the motors moved all the way up. Two other are completly stuck. Tried to connect lab PSU to power front motor directly and it does not move a bit, even when 80v at 13amps pumped into it. Had to remove...
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    FS SEGA Harley-Davidson LA riders Deluxe

    Considering selling this cabinet to make more space for new projects. Projection screen was refitted with DLP projector. See more details on the conversion here: Very...
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    FS GONE: FREE: SONY KV27v42 TV, RGB modded.

    Located Florida 32218, pickup only. Has some minor discoloration at the bottom left of the screen (not in the photo), should be degaussed with a coil. My old project, done for myself, but didn't use it a single time in 2 years, so may be it needs a new loving home. Comes with a TV stand, if...
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    I'll take whatever remains.
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    Can some kind soul help me with an Afterburner Climax install iso or disc?

    I would send you both PMs with a link to ISO.
  18. ArcadeMachinist

    FS FREE: SEGA Projection TV parts

    All the parts went to unixgamerocker today.