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  1. nem

    B&K467 CRT Restorer/Analyzer attempted restore

    I have the same issue as @Bad_Hambre with my 490. It is driving me nuts. It is a very clean unit that didn't really have any broken solder joints. 2BH7A continuity is OK, I have no other means of testing Transistor Q1 checked Rectifiers D1-D4 checked Transformer, apart from the G2 controls the...
  2. nem

    MV25UP-0 Marquee & Base holder

    It's in the back. I'll dismantle it over the weekend and shoot some pics.
  3. nem

    SOLVED - Ninja Baseball Batman Help

  4. nem

    MV25UP-0 Marquee & Base holder

    Right, I had made a typo. Height of the acrylic is 38cm, not 48cm. Overall height is 46cm. Width is 42cm. Overall thickness is 9.3mm, but that includes the 1.3mm thick steel plate. Sorry about that. I updated the pic in my post.
  5. nem

    Initial D Arcade Stage 4-8 seat cushion part number

    Does anyone have any idea what the part number is for the lower and upper seat cushions on an Initial D Arcade Stage 4-8? The manual isn't helping me at all. Coinopexpress has repros, but minimum spend $200...
  6. nem

    SOLVED - Ninja Baseball Batman Help

    If there is something missing from Mame, you should dump it.
  7. nem

    SOLVED - Ninja Baseball Batman Help

    What game / region is that now?
  8. nem

    SOLVED - Ninja Baseball Batman Help

    Which roms are not in Mame?
  9. nem Arcade PCB Encyclopedia

    There's also by @DragonMinded
  10. nem

    Wanted: Tekken Tag 2 instruction strip

    Interested as well.
  11. nem

    Cheap third party chassis option for WG 25" with CGM-2500?

    You could easily make your own. Just need the neck socket, B+K connector end and pins, and some wires in between.
  12. nem

    Long life capacitors

    3000h isn't low. Depends on the use case. I've seen 1000h caps on chassis that have lasted 30 years of operation. Look up the datasheets of the cap series you're replacing and you'll have a good idea where you should put long life ones.
  13. nem

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2025 (updated 4/10/2024)

    I meant the cabs you're selling are DX. Maybe I'm wrong. Like how would I know.
  14. nem

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer (CLOSED as of 8/21/23)

    I got customs paperwork rejected once because I had put 3010 on some parts. They were like, how can an arcade machine weigh a kilogram?
  15. nem

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer (CLOSED as of 8/21/23)

    3010 and 3020 are for complete cabs, with and without monitors respectively. 3090 is for parts. That includes motherboards.
  16. nem

    FS Nanao monitor chassis MS2932 31khz upright 18 Wheeler

    That's a MS2932. If I was local I would take it.
  17. nem

    MV25UP-0 Marquee & Base holder

    Sure, in two weeks. The acrylic / top panel is 42cm wide and 38cm tall. If you include the bottom part (the housing for all of the hardware) the whole thing is 46cm tall. In the picture it does look like it's wider than it is tall, but the picture lies. alas picture didn't lie, I lied :( The...
  18. nem

    MV25UP-0 Marquee & Base holder

    I thought I would have more time this weekend. Here's a pic of mine with some measurements of the perspex. Larger pic here: The whole thing is 460mm tall.
  19. nem

    jvs to usb how to use

    Looks like a MP07-IONA-US clone. Don't bug the author (Toyoshim) though if it doesn't work exactly like it.