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  1. Robbbert site down?

    Works for me. It went down a few weeks ago then came back. I guess they are just having random issues.
  2. Robbbert

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Free Play Hack, The Simpsons Free Play Hack, X-Men 6 Player Hack

    It's a real person, but he was banned from the mame github for being a serial pest. Keep that in mind.
  3. Robbbert

    Cps-1: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs + Captain Commando Readjusted Decrypted

    Probably should mention that those mega links are dead.
  4. Robbbert

    Scammers on KLOV

    Thank you. :) Need to be so careful these days.
  5. Robbbert

    Scammers on KLOV

    Need to be logged in to that forum to be able to read that. Can you summarise it?
  6. Robbbert

    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    This is why you probably should develop in secret. When you suddenly release it, it's too late for C & D to have an effect.
  7. Robbbert

    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    Yeah that looks like the one, the only difference is I got it from the official site. If I have trouble with it, then I will request IPS files. We'll see what happens when the time comes. :)
  8. Robbbert

    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    Noooo.... not another patching tool. Is this the one that hasn't been updated for almost 8 years? The new HBMAME should be released in about 14 hours from now.
  9. Robbbert

    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    Thanks for the info. I've updated my copy.
  10. Robbbert

    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    What's even stranger is that red-headed dancer has a microphone, yet he never once opens his mouth. Anyway, it's added to next HBMAME, fwiw. It is a legitimate arcade hack, after all.
  11. Robbbert

    Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

    I made it work in MAME, but what I saw was not what I was expecting. The batch file for patching didn't work, gave errors, even though it corresponds to the documentation for Lunar IPS. So I patched them one at a time via the UI.
  12. Robbbert

    Negative feedback for whoever closed down the Egret II illumination panel thread

    I have to admit while reading the last page of posts on the original thread, that I felt as if it was about to descend into chaos - even if it wasn't the intention. The sudden lock brought that possibility to a sudden halt, before it could even get started.
  13. Robbbert

    Wargods CF and Boot Rom

    I was unaware of this thread until I was notified of being mentioned. I'll need to read the thread and determine if it's worthwhile adding to HBMAME. Thanks for the heads-up! :)
  14. Robbbert

    iq_132's Neo Geo ports

    While I don't have a NeoSD or Darksoft, HBMAME recently got an update that allows testing of files for them, so I tried them out. The NeoSD version ran fine, sideways of course, in the attract mode. The Darksoft version has issues, but of course it might in fact work on the intended hardware...
  15. Robbbert

    iq_132's Neo Geo ports

    I'd like to try it out. MAME format is fine.
  16. Robbbert

    Final Fight 30th Anniversary 3 Player for CPS2

    File is attached. Not a copyright issue because I created these HBMAME CPS1 key files.
  17. Robbbert

    Hello everyone! New member here

    Welcome :)
  18. Robbbert

    PGM makes it to the Switch!

    I'd heard it had been ripped from FB Neo, which also has the same non-commercial license.
  19. Robbbert

    PGM+MVS Homebrew

    Just to keep you in the loop, I was able to get it going in HBMAME. The commercial games and their hacks worked, however the 3 homebrews failed to show the sprites. Frog Feast was entirely black (I think it uses sprites for everything). I reverted back to the old code. In MAME, while letting...
  20. Robbbert

    PGM+MVS Homebrew

    Thanks, tested with current mame (a little after 0.254), appears to be working. I only tested a few titles but didn't see anything bad. I looked at the Discord but you're offline and greyed out. Next is to try this code with hbmame - if it doesn't work then that's my problem.