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  1. ShootTheCore

    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    It sounds like you're using one of the earlier Minigun SuperGuns like this, correct? It's not clear to me why you'd use a SuperGun with a MiSTer when you have so many other ways of connecting a MiSTer to a consumer display, but nevertheless - answers: 1) Video Out. If you use the JAMMA for...
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    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    They're labeled as "conversions" on Ebay as well. I'm sure a conversion is more appealing to prospective buyers than a "bootleg" or "repro" is.
  3. ShootTheCore

    Arcade Monitor calibration guides

    I thought I had a link to the MiSTer HCRF core in my write up, but apparently not - I’ll get that addressed. In the meantime, here is a download link:
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    DARKSOFT CPS2 Multikit: Instructions and videos (old version till 10.2020)

    Thanks for the shout out - I have yet to make a Multi install video for a CPS2 Multi simply because I haven't had one cross my bench yet. When one eventually does, I'll make a video. :thumbsup:
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    SOLD BattleToads Arcade Jamma PCB

    @kyoken is looking for one.
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    Slap fight aka Alcon graphic issue

    There's not really a safety stop on the pot. How it works is that the PSU outputs a maximum voltage and amperage on the 5V and 12V lines at all times. The 5V adjustment potentiometer is a variable resistor on that line. When the pot is adjusted to minimum then the resistance is at the highest...
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    Slap fight aka Alcon graphic issue

    Good sleuthing by cross-checking the board on another cab. Some old boards can draw a lot of power and 5.0V even should be the target to dial the voltage line to on nearly all boards. The 12.0V line is used to power the audio amplifier and it's more tolerant of undervoltage. As for what to do...
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    Slap fight aka Alcon graphic issue

    Alright. Well, try the steps I outlined and let's see if it makes any improvement.
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    Slap fight aka Alcon graphic issue

    Are you using an adapter to connect the board up to your JAMMA harness? Does the game play blind? As in, you hear music, sound, and you can insert a coin and start a round? Or is it completely frozen? Start with disconnecting and reconnecting every ribbon cable connector. Also use a small...
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    Sega Blast City - Monitor Shuts Down
  11. ShootTheCore

    Sega Blast City - Monitor Shuts Down

    That video is getting long in the tooth these days! :P Your image will be upside down if the yoke is connected backwards - try flipping your yoke connector. As for the lack of red, double-check the RGB inputs to the monitor chassis.
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    Cave CV1000-D bootlegs a hoy

    Nope. Deathsmiles White Label is a CV1000-B game.
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    WTB CAVE kit bubble wrap baggie

    Not trolling - just genuinely curious. What are the distinguishing characteristics of the OG bubble wrap bags in the Cave kits? I have a few that my boards arrived in but never have been curious if they're "original" or not until now.
  14. ShootTheCore

    Does the Darksoft CPS-II Multi mitigate the suicide battery problem?

    The battery is supposed to be removed with a Darksoft Multi installed. The battery maintains a decryption key in SRAM, but the Multi writes a fresh decryption key into the CPS2 at bootup and whenever changing to another game. As such, it's not necessary for the battery to be present. I'd...
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    FS Rewrite's 2024 closet clean

    I paid $100 USD for my Taito Fast IO board but that was two years ago.
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    Where to download Porchy's BINMan

    Thanks for the heads up - the site is back online now.
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    Dragon Breed M72 issue

    Everything looks to be in very good condition visually. I still think the LS244 should be swapped with a fresh one for your controls issue though.
  18. ShootTheCore

    Dragon Breed M72 issue

    The bottom board on M72 is used for background tile generation. Imagine a line drawn across the center length of the board - the ICs in the top half draws one background while the ICs in the bottom half draws another background. The SMD chip you circled in red in the lower-left is the...
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    Negative feedback for arcadesalesgr

    Looks like the same seller has had some sales drama in this recent thread as well: