namco system 246

  1. SoulChargeFGC Alasdair

    Cable blocking controller port system 246B + a power supply question

    Hello, I was planning on using the PS2 controller ports for Soul Calibur II, but there's this large cable in the way. Any ideas on whether this is necessary, what it is, how to get it out of the way? Unrelated, can I use a SUN PSU plugged in using this JVS adapter and have this Namco JAMMA i/o...
  2. RadiantAnsel

    Fate/Unlimited Codes arts (In Search of)

    It seems they were up in the official website at some point, no one archived these properly apparently (Not a single zip works) There is also a couple of PS2 posters that had a couple of extra things, those...
  3. Planeptsuntsun

    Namco system 246 not Saving settings

    Hi everyone i have another system 246 with fate unlimited codes suddenly tye settings return to default i try to change the battery to a new one still nnot saving my settings what may be the problem ? thank you very much
  4. S

    Need help cloning Battle Gear 3!

    So I've got a battle gear 3 tuned 2.03jp twin cab I'm trying to clone the good drive to an SSD and needing some help if anyone could please that would be awesome. I tried to dd the drive and tested the SSD but didn't seem to work so not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thank you
  5. S

    Battle Gear 3 Tuned Ver.2.03J Help Clone HDD

    Hello i've got battle gear 3 tuned one of my hard drives died and i've been trying to clone my hdd but with no luck. I got an SSD to swap in there but need help getting all the files. Or does anyone have an image i could use to make a clone? Thank you
  6. Franco23444

    FS: Soul Calibur III Arcade Edition Japanese dongle and disc with inserts set (SOLD)

    Hello, I have a soul calibur 3 arcade edition dongle and disc with its marquee, manual and instructional/moves list cards. This is the Japanese version and I have tested it with both my Namco system 246 B and C and My Namco System 256 using the 246+ mode. It’s in great condition. I’m asking for...
  7. Franco23444

    Time Crisis 3: what is the difference between the regular and the theater version of the game?

    Hello everyone, it’s me again.I have a questionwhat is the difference between the regular ,theater and enhanced versions of the game? I only have the regular version but I would like to know what major or minor differences the other versions have.
  8. Franco23444

    What is all that is needed to be able to play time crisis 3?

    Hello everyone, yesterday, I got a Namco System rack c system that came with time crisis 3, I was originally going to use the system with another game but I decided that I would like to keep it the way it is. I want to be able to play time crisis 3 on a crt tv. What components do I need to get...
  9. G

    System 246B stuck initializing

    Hey everyone, I just got hold of a disassembled 246B system with Soul Calibur 2. After getting it running it looks like the game is booting but sticking at an initialization screen. Any ideas on what causes this?
  10. gamemaster14

    Is Soul Calibur II the only game that uses PS2 memory cards? Does anyone know anything about the format? Can one be cloned?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if Soul Calibur II was the only game that used ps2 memory cards for its save game (conquest mode)? Also, does anyone know anything about the format of the memory cards? I had put a card that did not seam to contain a save in my ps2 at one point and the ps2...