1. NeoGuile

    WTB Following GAMES PGM IGS

    <<Update>> Hi, I'm looking for the following PGM IGS games and their ArtWorks and Move List: Vs Fighters: - Martial Masters (2001) - S.V.G. Spectral vs Generation (2005) - The Killing Blade / Gouken Kyoutou (97) - The Killing Blade Plus / Gouken Kyoutou Plus (2005) Shmups: - Do Donpachi 2...
  2. jcmorrisii

    FOUND IGS PGM RSEC3 Resistor pack x2

    I recently acquired a PGM mother ( Revision 5 ) that has 2/4 RSEC3 resistor packs in the front here damaged. I’m hoping someone has some parts boards laying around and can pull 2 of them for me. Thank you :) (This is not my photo, just for reference of part)
  3. B

    No Multiplayer on Puzzli 2

    Hi guys, I've got a new game in my collection and tried it a little bit. It's a really fun game, but while playing in single player I'm not able to "get a new challenger". The buttons are working fine. When I press the P2 start button on the demo screen I can also play with the girl on the P2...
  4. B

    Flickering on Demon Front PGM

    Hi, I'm new to arcades and bought a PGM board (Rev. 5) with Demon Front. When I first played this, I only recognised a little flickering and the highscores. Playing the game was still fine. But then I removed resistor R24 and D2 and replaced the battery with a battery holder. After that it...
  5. iq_132

    iq_132's Neo Geo ports

    I figured I should just create a post specifically talking about my ports to Neo Geo and their statuses. 1. Cabal - There are some graphics artifacts that are still present (scanline flicker) 2. Nichibutsu's Terra Cresta - One remaining bug with high score entry - Needs tested on real...
  6. Dloop

    FS IGS PGM bundle!

    Selling my PGM things as a bundle. This includes: * IGS PGM motherboard - the rare someone decided to paint it white edition * Demon Front - including shock box and professionally printed insert * Espgaluda - conversion * Ketsui - conversion * Dodonpachi - conversion Price is 600 Euro +...
  7. kikaso

    SOLD IGS PGM Motherboard

    Looking to sell my beloved PolyGame Master motherboard. This is the 14th and final revision for the PGM meaning that the onboard battery is a cheap, easily replaced coin cell, (CR2032). I have replaced all of the electrolytic capacitors using a kit from Console5. This means you do not have to...