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  1. Battlelounge

    New Member/Arcade Collector/Portland OR

    Hey everyone, This is BattleLounge from Portland, OR. I've been collecting/restoring arcades for 3 years now. I usually lurk other forums for repair/troubleshooting help and decided to start socializing here. My main interest is fighting games. I'm not a technician or specialist but I've...
  2. F

    For Sale:Reproduction Neo Geo MVS-U4 candy cab panels

    Ok, so in fixing up a Neo Geo MVS-U4, I decided to have the control panels reproduced by a local metal shop and have some extras for sale. I have both the original 4 button and a special 6 button (Street Fighter/Astro City layout) panel. Panels are unpainted metal (no art) and include both the...
  3. MD2020

    White Screen - Sega New Astro City Cab...HELP

    Hey everybody, Been having a problem since 2 days ago. Switched out Street Fighter II X (non phoenixed, green board from Japan), and then when I tried to switch it back in a few hours later, it started up, internally clicked 4 times all while white-screening. Thought it was the a board, so I...
  4. juanmiglesias

    CPS3 troubleshooting - >Help

    Hi guys, recently I modified my naomi to accept netboot and CF, so didn't need to mess with my gd-rom all the time which is pretty cool, so I was in one of those arcade repair week, fixed my sfa3, super buster bros, and Saturday Night Slam Masters. So i decided to move to my CPS3, my security...
  5. Alex

    Hyper SF2 AE (USA) goes to black screen

    I love the multi, everything works really really great. When I played HyperSF2 USA-Version (played with Ken) the screen went black all of a sudden in the middle of a fight. It was not just the video-signal, the sound and everything else was also gone. I rebooted and the game came up again, the...