suicide battery

  1. thetanbanan

    Battery-less 3rd strike questions

    Hi, I'm looking at picking up a CPS3 and would like to get battery-less 3rd strike running on it (or a darksoft multi-bios setup would work as well, basically I just want to have a setup where I can play 3rd strike without fear of the cart suiciding) and I have a few questions. I was primarily...
  2. hyp36rmax

    CPS2 Red Screen of death!?

    Just picked up 3 "Junk" CPS2 Green Japanese B boards that all exhibit the same Red Screen on boot. They all power up, fan spins and what seems to be proper voltage going into them? Tested all three boards with known working A boards with the same results. Have not opened them up yet. I do have...
  3. yonggarri

    Failed to remove the suicide battery of Segasonic (->Success In the End)

    Hello. I tried to remove the suicide battery of Segasonic the Hedgehog board today but I failed. I found this page and it says I have to remove FD1149 first, program the appropriate file to two EPROMs, and replace them...