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Wow!truley magnificent!great to see there are treasure troves like this exists!
and the floor
with the first chamber for the pcb

be careful for collectors who are a little sensitive
It might sting a little

C est pire que la GPS de Joseph Redon
Hello everyone
I am French and I have lived in Japan in Hokkaido for 20 years
I've been collecting arcades for 35 years
Over the years, I have accumulated a large collection of pinball cab and PCB
which I strive to maintain in good conditionam French and living in Japan too.
Hello I am French and living in Japan too. I am located at Kawasaki. Nice collection
I recognized the handle from AO, but fuck me ,I didn't expect such a collection of cabs, PCBs and everything... Puts my 20odd years of collecting to shame 🤣 great collection dude... Plus I just love the epic amounts of snow Hokkaido gets
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Welcome and WOW!! This is beyond collecting you have enter the realm of culture preservation. Some of those cabs and panels are beyond rare. And it looks like everything is in great condition.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =O <3 <3 <3 <3

Welcome! Looking at this awesomeness now I don't feel so bad about the small stash I have.
Welcome, what an amazing effort and collection you've gathered over the years! Thanks for the story and information in between all the pictures. It's something that is recognized too well all over the world for any arcade enthusiast. :) Dilemmas of inventory, storage, cost and of course usage.

I hope you will find a way to open up a gaming area for locals because as someone said, nostalgia can be a problem and just seeing a pile of stuff will make you feel defeated. Best way to get some energy back is to prepare some cabs, get some friends in and play the games.

Look forward to seeing your work and progress.
Wow, a blast from the past.

je me rappelle de toi du temps de pcb-world et msn, ca nous rajeunit pas.

Ca a bien change depuis les 2 Net-City dans la cave.