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Mar 1, 2018
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Florida USA
Hey everyone.

So far all the games I have played work just fine on my multi except for Riding Fight. On all 3 versions from the Smokemonster pack I get the same exact results. During the attract mode it will briefly lose sync and go to a black screen. Also it will do this on stage one during one of the later turns. There's a specific path in stage 2 with a turn that will cause it as well. Then just before the boss, of stage 3 I think? It's a woman in an Asian themed setting.

It always seems to happen in the same spots and right before most of the cut scenes as well.

Does this happen to anyone else?

My setup is:
F3 with multi -> supergun -> scart out to OSSC -> OSSC to PC CRT with HDMI to SVGA adapter.
The OSSC is modded to use the F3 setup that's found here:

I used to have it going into the AV3 of the OSSC with a modded VGA cable and the problem still occurred that way as well.