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Jan 25, 2018
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San Francisco
I've been slowly scrubbing the grime from some very rough Astro and Blast City panel assemblies I bought from China. They were in pretty poor condition as you can see from the pictures but I managed to bring back a little more white to each one. I salvaged the two Astro panels by grinding out all the rust but the 2 Blast panels were too far gone to be saved. I did preserve and reuse all the looms though, after a thorough dishwashing and drying they came up really nice. I made the 3 button panel into a 4 button for the Neo Geo update and saved the 4 button Astro as it still had its protective cover on for a future job. The single player Versus is for a NAOMI set up and the single player Astro is wireless or wired for Switch. The 2 player Astro has 2 MC Cthulhus and covers everything else via USB or ethernet. The bases and back panels for the Astro Cities are really just rough prototypes - each one is wood and has been hand cut to fit and either spray finished or I've used white gloss laminate so I can get a good idea of what they'd look like in plastic. I dremelled the holes I needed for DB-15 connectors for the Neo Geo and Naomi panel and added Neutrik ethernet and USB connectors for the Astro City 8 button, 2 player set up. I'd like for them to be all be neutral colors in the final version. The Blast City rear panels are held in place with velcro tape so that I wasn't invasive whilst I was figuring out how to add them. Next job is to move to CNC'd thick acrylic for the rear panels and bases and also add a bezel to sit between the Astro upper assembly and the base.

The beauty of three of them is down to the amazing work by @alberto1225 - the Versus and both Astro panels are by him. The Neo Geo is a print from GameOnGFX to see how it looked. @sellsellsell2000 did the BlazBlue strips. The Melty Blood is original and the Neo Geo is a mock up to see how that looked. Considering making that strip to look like the top of the Neo Geo cabinet, with mini marquees that are backlit. All original glass as well, making these weigh a fair bit. The Switch one is awesome in your lap, I've been playing Zero Gunner 2 and Danmaku 3 as a play test and I love it. I used the guts from an 8bitdo controller.

If anyone has any custom CNC companies in the U.S that they'd recommend, I'd be grateful for any links :)


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