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May 30, 2019
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Hey everyone!

So I finally acquired my first set of Astros, and I couldn't be more excited! I've been doing my research (or trying to anyway) and figure out what's best to get these in tip-top shape. Monitors are clean/working, cabs need some simple green and magic eraser but overall look good.

I purchased some Logitech Z5500 speakers, which are supposed to fit right into the cabs. But that leads me to ask, how does one hook up the amplifier inside the cab? I don't feel it's necessary to get a subwoofer because the cab will be closed anyway, no?

So my questions are:

Can anyone recommended a good amplifier for new speakers inside an astro city?

Can one hook the amplifier up to the Astro PSU, or does the amplifier need to be plugged in outside of the cab?

What is a good LED (I'd prefer bright, white light if possible) replacement bulb?

And lastly (for now) if I had my cabinets hooked up to a powerstrip and used that to turn on/ off the cab, is that wrong? Does the cab need to be turned on by the switch in back only?

Thanks all!


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Jul 10, 2018
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Sydney, Australia
I placed z5500 speakers in my astros.

As for the amp, since my astro has groovymame, I re-wired the back to plug with a powerboard which allows me to plug in a computer and speaker.

So when I turn the back switch on... the power board is fed power to allow the PC to boot and speaker to be powered on.

The speaker amp I use is a small logitech 2.1 speaker setup - I simply strip off the default speakers of the 2.1 setup and wire up the z5500 speakers.