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It should work with all superguns. Which supergun do you have in mind in particular?

It will also work with the HAS, because you can configure everything via the menu system instead of the on-the-fly config.
Mainly referring to franks original supergun (I think it was called the sentinel gold) - not the minigun
Hey all,
Would anyone here be interested in a working 29inch tube + 15khz chinese chassis that I'm looking to get rid of? It's nothing special so don't get too excited.
The chassis is a "YATTA 25-29" generic, looks like a rebranded pentronic/RODO(https://www.zax.com.au/product/7618-pentranic-chassis) and has been recapped.
It was originally in a Rock Fever 3.5MAX cabinet but I swapped it out for a tri-sync so I can also run Rock Fever 5.

Not looking for much & located in Melbourne.

DM if interested for more info.

added some pics
FYI this is now FREE to any takers, Please someone take it so it doesnt become landfill
Mainly referring to franks original supergun (I think it was called the sentinel gold) - not the minigun
Yep. That will work. I have the same Supergun here and it’s basic with nothing fancy.
So far in the list of broken PCBs to be moved on - will add to this list as I go through everything

XX Mission - Seta
Truxton - Taito (missing custom)
Capcom CPS2 B board (battery damage, may offer this one to hatmoose as he’s repaired a few of these)
Neo MVS 4 slot top board x 2 (heavily corroded PCB but the slots are good for spares)
Neo Geo MV1H - Battery damage but lots of good parts/customs
Sega System 16B - missing work RAM/various faults x 6
CPS1 A board - Missing A custom
Approximately 6 other CPS1 A boards with various faults
CPS2 B boards x 2 - corrosion/trace damage
Always interested in CPS2 boards :) Also need customs off MVS4 top board to complete a repair that I'm working on, and MV1H for parts, will PM ya.
No sorry, I spent the weekend working so didn’t get a chance to go.

Hopefully someone managed to get some good stuff?!
No worries, thanks. Based on what I’ve seen from this AA and the Aussies on A-P there’s only a handful of active enthusiasts that could get there - so I’m expecting quite a bit of inventory left. No one on here (that I’ve seen) or AA has ever reported back with details after attending one of those Saturday sessions so I wonder how well attended they are. I think I’ll post a question about it on AA.
Hey all. What’s the going rate for a pans twin down under? Found one at the best hardoff I’ve been to, along with a fair bit of aes/mvs stuff and randomly a sengeki striker cart.
Anyone here looking for a super nice clean Taito Type X3 Multi? Too heavy and expensive to ship abroad.

Has been cleaned, new thermal paste, upgraded GPU, 1TB SSD and has been tried and very well tested.

750 AUD (Will only organise freight in Australia for this or local pick-up in Brisbane).

I’m also willing to sell whoever buys this one of Taito JAMMA Fast IO PCBs if that helps out…
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In case anyone is interested before it goes to eBay - I have a couple of spare PS2 consoles I will be selling. First one is ready to go now

PS2 Slim 77002 model with modchip (direct boot into imports/backups, can direct boot off memory card, USB etc)

This console has been stripped down and cleaned, battery is good, laser is good and has been tested with both DVD and CD games and DVD movies

It will come with the power brick, AV cable and if a member here is interested I’ll include a genuine (tested) controller and memory card. Additional controllers are available

Pictures coming soon
Another PS2 console done and up for sale

Fat console model 39002 with modchip installed

Stripped down and cleaned, battery replaced, laser replaced and tested with both DVD and CD games and DVD movies

As above will include AV cable, controller and memory card
Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy 3rd Strike (CPS3) any tips on where I can find a seller in Australia?