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Nov 16, 2020
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Gloucestershire, UK
Greetings good arcade people :)

Gary here finally checking into this site - I say finally as I've been around the arcade hobby scene for around 20 years since picking up my first cab, an OutRun upright, waaaaaay back in 1999! Was it really that long ago?? 8|

Been on the ukvac, jammaplus, sega-naomi and AO forums over the years under the name 'outrun2' - some of you might know me, I recognise a few of the names on here. Not sure why it's taken me so long to get on here, maybe I thought after all these years I'd posted everything I had to offer on one forum or another? I was actually directed to this site by a fellow collector who told me about an ECA Model 3 Step 2.1 stack that was for sale and while I was just too late it seems there's a lot of interesting stuff going on over here. Hopefully I can contribute something useful, I've written a few how-tos over the years but sadly most of them were on jammaplus and as some of us will remember this excellent resource was rather selfishly taken down a few years ago :thumbdown:

I think the old '4ch amp with sub in a Sega driver' info is still available on AO though.

Anyway, as you may have already guessed my personal preference is Sega drivers - buying, restoring, hoarding parts for and sometimes occasionally actually playing them! I take a long time over my restores and can rarely bring myself to sell a cab so space is my biggest enemy, as it is for most of us I guess.

My current cab collection:

OutRun standard upright (UK/Ireland built) - restored.
OutRun 2SP twin (converted from two UK initialD singles) - restored.
OutRun 2 single (Jp) - restored.
initialD 3 single (UK cab/Jp embellishments) - restored.
Ferrari F355 Challenge 2 twin (Jp) - nothing to do, was never operated in an arcade.
Daytona USA 2 twin (Jp) - currently being restored.

My current games list:

I won't bore you with a full list, but I have most driving games that can run on one or other of the above cabs all on original discs/carts/ROM boards. Just looking for that elusive ECA ROM board to complete the Model 3 driver collection :whistling:

Right, enough from me, time to get reading a few of the old threads.. :thumbsup: