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mike hancho

Jul 6, 2022
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richland hills tx
So.. looks like my blast city psu went out. i fully recapped the psu and amp, but no luck. the the power is still passing through, but no 5 volts. i have another psu and tested it and i got power back, but that psu is making a funny sound. Any suggestions out there on repairing the psu?
you will need to get your multimeter out and start probing components. if there is no output anywhere on any rails, perhaps something blew out on the hot side.
where the power comes in from the AC side, pre DC output. so start back where it plugs into the AC. usually there are fuses, diodes, PTC's, etc that can blow preventing operation.
copy that. i have checked fuses. all are good. as a matter of fact i swapped the power board from my other blast city and it worked. so the its defianaty on the board.Other than recapping, im. it sure what to look at next