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Mar 28, 2020
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Need some help..

got a chihiro type 3 512 that won’t NetBoot

well I can get it to send a image from my PI and then tells me loading game. But you can t see the % load. Then resets and throws again error 26.

It should throw error 31 if network was ready right?

I changed the jumpers to all correct settings,add more dimm and set the jumper no change

the pic works perfect on Naomi 1,2,triforce 1 and chihiro 1

I don’t have any disc or normal chip here but if I connect it back to original with a gdrom drive it keeps giving me error 26. So even if I leave the lid on the gd open it should give me error 23 I think.. but still 26

Is the pic different on a chihiro 3 8o ?

here are some pics of the versions (btw all tests are good)
I'm having the same issue, removed a working Zero Key from a Triforce Board, and put it in chihiro, and it doesn't want to boot (Loads Rom from Pi, then Error26), because I didn't want to disassemble the black plastic key holder thing, I just removed the little mini-pcb addon board that holds the key by removing the screws from the inside, and then pushing the chip in... I'm fairly certain I don't have any bent pins, but it's possible by removing the little PCB from the main board, some of the solder points on the underside may have taken some stress... I guess I'll check everything with a multi-meter on continuety, and then I'll have to grab another zero key and try that route in case somehow it got messed up by me handling it. I will also put it back into the Trifoce and see if the chip still functions. But I figured since this was the first result for Chihiro Error 26, I'd chime in and post my experience in case it helps others.
Update, I was able to get the new firmware update to load with the Original Key, even though that's not a zero key, and get the firmware updated. But when I tried with the zero key, it would upload the firmware.bin, and then immediately re-boot and same error 26. So I'm now looking at creating a new zero key...