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Aug 21, 2019
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Auckland, NZ
I have a weird issue with my HotD3 machine where it crashes when I enter the test menu.

I can turn on the machine and it boots the game fine and I can run it for hours without issue, but when I press the test button and enter the test menu, after a few seconds I get a black screen and flashing red+green lights on the Chihiro unit.

This has just started happening today. Previously I've been able to navigate the test menu and change settings without any problems.

Any ideas? Worst case scenario I can just leave it as-is and play the game fine, but I'd like to be able to re-calibrate the guns and change settings at some point...!
it's possible that part of dimm firmware became corupt.
If it's a type 3, you could try a dimm firmware update. (to the compact flash compatible version for instance) this should fix possible corruptions
if it's a type 1, this won't work.
if you press test before the game started, does it behave identical?
So...... funny story..... after some time I found the game itself was starting to switch off as well (when this first started happening, it was during the test menu only - not sure why). Opened it up and found that I had fit the Chihiro case fan the wrong way around.... so it was sucking air into the unit rather than blowing the hot air out. I happened to have a brand new fan I was planning on replacing it with anyway as the original fan looked knackered - so I've swapped this out the correct way this time and now it's working great...!

Feel like a total idiot but it's fixed now and hasn't crashed after leaving it running for 6hrs straight. Thankfully it didn't overheat to the point where the board fried (again!) :whistling: