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I was quickly tiring of taking apart the multi to change DIP switches. LOL. I got the mini DIP switches pretty quickly (thanks!) and installed them last night without issue. Somewhat of a newb at soldering here, but it didn't take very long at all and all the switches tested just fine afterwards. Thanks again, @Mitsurugi-w, for making these! These pieces are high quality and look even better in person, IMO.

I’m finally installing my multi and got the remote DIP kit and a Jasen case, and I’ve now found that the remote DIP lower PCB header won’t fit in the case.

Am I right in thinking that the only supported bottom mounted board for use in Jasens case is the filter board mounted option with flat header/cable?

(Ie, there’s no way to adjust what i already ordered to work?)


Edit - my desired end goal is to have the LCD and DIP boards mounted externally/remote from the case.
Both versions of the dip pcb should work. What isn't fitting?
@mR_CaESaR is currently installing/assembling it and he’s mentioned that the bottom mounted board (that you solder to the A board) doesn’t look like it will fit in the case due to the depth of the ribbon cable/header

I don't have a case but I think he accounted for it. Is there a cutout for it in the case bottom?
I was just eyeballing, but the website and install manual says it's compatible, I'm happy to install solder it on, i was just really worried about using the IDC version and then having to desolder it if it wasn't compatible.

That said, is it safe to assume that I don't solder the top row of holes and they're just there for the solder joints to go through?
Yeah top row is just to accommodate the solder pins for a flush fit.
Just for those that eventually end up in this thread to ask the same questions as we did, the remote dips board with the IDC fit on jasens case with no clearance issue - there's actually some space left, you just have to make sure you install it BEFORE you install the cable before installing the base plate.


One last thing is the IDC cable that comes with the remote board pack does not fit the remote board pcb with jasens case. I believe you need to get the ribbon version of the remote dip set.

Fortunately for me, @DRAGONKZ wanted the remote dips to be connected outside of the case and not mounted using the pcb that came with jasens case.

Eu estava rapidamente cansado de desmontar o multi para trocar as chaves DIP. LOL. Consegui os mini interruptores DIP rapidamente (obrigado!) E instalei-os ontem à noite sem problemas. Um tanto novato na soldagem aqui, mas não demorou muito e todos os interruptores foram testados muito bem depois. Obrigado novamente, @Mitsurugi-w, por fazer isso! Essas peças são de alta qualidade e ficam ainda melhores pessoalmente, IMO.

How do I get in touch to purchase and also the cables?