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Jul 21, 2015
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CPS2 I/O Interface is a simple adapter that plugs in directly to the CPS2 motherboard and allows you to power the CPS2 using a standard ATX power supply, and to connect the NeoGeo compatible controllers. The CPS2 I/O interface is designed to be used with the upcoming CPS2 digital AV interface, which empowers the CPS2 with a true HDMI output.

  • ATX power supply connector with on/off switch
  • Alternative 6pin VH power supply connector to connect a real arcade power supply (it's compatible with the HAS power harness)
  • DB15 controller ports (NeoGeo compatible, extended to support buttons 5 and 6; compatible with the UD-USB adapter, which I strongly recommend to buy)
  • Test, Service and Volume UP/DOWN buttons (Volume UP/DOWN buttons are needed to control the CPS2 digital AV interface)
  • Buttons 1-4 on the JAMMA connector (button 4 can be disabled using a switch; it's necessary to disable button 4 for certain fighting games)
  • Buttons 4-6 on the “kick harness” connector (it's compatible with the HAS kick harness)

The PCB project with the list of parts is available for free here.

I will also start selling fully assembled adapters soon (the PCB colour will be black, not purple as in the photos). The price is estimated at ~€40.

Pre-order yours here

Product page


More pictures:





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You sir you must made few kick harnessses short cables between connectors to fit nicely with board. Can you make some ? :saint:
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You sir you must made few kick harnessses short cables between connectors to fit nicely with board. Can you make some ? :saint:
Yeah, I can make them 10~15cm long. The harness in the picture is ~11cm long.
Ok, I'm 99.9% sure I'm right here but I just want to test (edit: ask).

The only thing stopping the Gundam 4p dream (System 2x6) dream from being reality is that I'm not using cabs and need superguns to get things working. However! Video/Audio I get is from the system itself, not through jamma, I was planning originally to use superguns but I only need power/controls really.

... sounds a lot like this project!

Am I wrong somewhere? Or is this going to work for my System 2x6's?
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Pictures of my CPS2 digital AV interface installation:







Make sure you use a proper coaxial cable, like the RG174, otherwise you may run into stability and/or audio issues, since improper cable (too long, or with otherwise high capacitance) will negatively affect the 16MHz oscillator signal.

PS The clock signal can be tapped from the bottom side of the CPS2 mobo as described in Markus' installation guide, it will be easier to solder - https://github.com/marqs85/cps2_digiav
Very nice work. I guess for the CPS2 games that have more than 2 players we'd have to tinker with the design a bit? I know there are only a few titles.
I just pre ordered!, does anyone know when the HDMI AV adaptor releases?
Does this interfere with regular operation of the CPS2? As in, can one still utilise the standard analogue video/audio output over the jamma edge or does installing the digital kit mean that's all you can use?

I'm quite keen to try it but won't bother if it disables normal operation. I'd like to be able to switch from digital and analogue at will.