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Mar 29, 2022
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Hello everyone,
I got this cp3 complete and working a couple months ago , i removed the simms to use them for testing another board i had , a couple weeks went by and decided to put together the cps3 that i used the simms from and when i powered it up i gave not enough storage while using the ultra bios i tried numerous simms but it’s the same error , replaced one of the simm sockets and that didn’t solve the problem , went to changing the (4) 3383 chips and that didn’t make any difference( that’s because after soldering new ones there was bridge between to legs that i didn’t see like a dumbass ) so after that i decided to make it a parts board , used its characters rams for the previous repair i posted about , yesterday wanted to give it a new shot.
The repair steps :

1- i gave it a good visual inspection around those 3383’s again and found the bridge and removed it
Now that gave me some confidence to continue the repair

2-replaced all the character rams
Now to testing (we are not done with the repair)
After booting the pcb with the simms installed using the ultra bios cart it gave me “ Now reading the CD-ROM. Please wait… “
I was like yeeeeeeah but then the graphics are scrambled and no sound , i went to the test menu and tested the memory everything was fine except for the EEP ROM was bad

3- replaced the EEP ROM ( it’s the tiny chip that’s under that white box )
Tested and the error was gone but still the graphics are scrambled

4- the memory test menu shows that everything is good , so booted the game up and started pressing the character rams and the sprite ram , when i pressed the sprite ram the graphics started changing.

5- replaced the sprite ram
Booted the game up and boom the graphics are good.

Just a tip even when the memory menu says everything is good it’s not always true

Repair done for the moment.. still have the sound problem to check later could be just the potentiometer idk 🤷‍♂️
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