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Jul 22, 2017
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I have recently tested both board sets I own : 1 board set working fine and 1 board set with light gfx glitches as spare.

About the one working fine, when I set Dip A #3 On in freeplay, coin and start buttons work but they don't if I set Dip A #3 Off to enter credits.
I have noticed there was a soldered wire between COM and P1, I have removed it but no change.

About the second board set, when I set Dip A #3 enabled or disabled, coin and start buttons are still working.
There was no wire between COM and P1.

There is no Test mode in this game, I think the setting with the link between COM and P1 may have been saved in the EEPROM.
Is there a mean to reinitialize the EEPROM on Taito SJ games without dissoldering it ?