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Hi caius, super happy to hear about it - as a happy "TheThing" + DocBrown owner , i d love to reserve one of each to pimp-out the Marty :)
Amazing Caius! I own an FM Towns Marty and am very interested. Put me down for both.
I'll take one, and the SCSI repro! Finally have a Marty coming, and already have The Thing :)
Good question,

I know the tower has a 486 in some models but the marty is limited to a 386 and thus cannot play the larger library like it's sibling. I would imagine it would take some technical feat to overclock or replace the proc if at all possible to have parity between the PC and Console.
Hello everyone,
Thanks for your work Caius it is amazing I take one ram card please

Yes you can swap processor with a 486
See this
View: https://youtu.be/iENjjAANcTY

View: https://youtu.be/tb5OlPFT-24


Have a nice day everyone
Hey Caius, don't leave me behind!! I'll take one of each!!!!! My Marty 2 needs these.

P.S. Amazing work!!!