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Feb 5, 2018
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Concord, CA
Pitchforks down: Capcom “Big Blue” styled multicab for sale

I know this is not original, but hear me out. I created this for someone out there who wants a multi but doesn’t have the skills to make one. I know there are some members out there with a friend that wants them to make them a cab, but you don’t want to sacrifice an original dedicated. Allow me to relieve your stress.

Hopefully this keeps someone from buying a “Arcade 1-UP”

This is originally an Atari family Pit Fighter 3-player. I picked this one up at an estate sale and tried to offer it in the community to someone who wanted to restore it or convert it to a 3 player rampart. I didn’t have any interest, so I decided to convert it into someone that would appeal to a wider audience.

So I did a full refurbishment and converted this into a “Big Blue” style Street Fighter 2 Champion edition cab.

First, the cab was completely torn down and given a complete cleaning.

The exterior was fully stripped down, sanded, repaired and refinished with quality color matched paint. New T-molding and a completely new Art kit. I left the rear orginal in the case that someone might want to convert this back to a Atari Cab.

I custom built a new Bezel to fit the art dimensions and had to “manual photoshop” the pieces together so that the graphics were generally preserved to the size.

I scratch built a new control panel. Router copied from the original and also created a new plexi and custom art.

The monitor has a little bit of burn, but it’s not noticeable during use. Otherwise as the picture is really nice, I left that alone.

I had to scratch build new harnesses for the control panel. These are wired for (c)Jamma with 6 buttons on the Jamma harness.

This is powered by a Pandoras Box 5s, with 999 games loaded and ready to go. No PC to mess with.

I probably have at least 40 hours of work in this cab. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Let me know if you have questions. I’m asking $1200 in general, but will give a discount for members. Please no hating, I really meant this for someone who wants a turn key arcade and have really put some work into this.

I’m putting it here first in case there is interest.

PM me, or hit me up on KLOV.

Some vids:



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