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Oct 16, 2016
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Obfelden, Switzerland
PPrices in euro, shipping in EU/UK 19.90euro per package from Waldshut, Germany
all original

Splatterhouse, jap, 800
Brezza Multi Cart,, 220
Super Street Fighter 2 cps2 B board, Europe, 149 on hold
Guardians, 99, Korea, on hold


check other vids as well

Snow Bros, with some arts/flyer, 99, sold Eloim
3 Wonders, 229, world, all in English, sold Eloim
Sky Smasher, 149 sold waiwainl
Air Buster, 279, japan sold
Magic Sword, 229, world, all in English sold
CPS2 A Board, USA, Europe, Japan, 90€ sold
Raiden II, 200€, traded for pce games
Metamorphic force, 350, Japan Version. sold Sp33dFr34k
UASSF Mustang, 200€, Sold parodius
Double Wings, 250$, Japan Sold battlesmurfx
Dolphin blue, 300€, sold
vimana, 350€, sold
DDP DOJ with Pop, 800, sold to RandomRetro
Moo mesa, 300€ sold to FloSoprano
IREM multi board, 800 traded with friend
Twin Hawk, 150€ sold to Chomponooch
Arbalester, 200€ traded ueli
Outzone, 350€, sold at neo arcadia -k-
Captain America and the Avengers, 100€, sold klov rootuser
Space Invaders 91, 100€, old klov rootuser
Final Fight, 250€, sold to lionel at neo arcadia
Spinal Breakers, 100€, traded at gforum
Castle of dragons, 100€, traded at gforum
Fire Shark, €400 sold
Tomna, with art and instructions, M72, traded €650
Robocop 2, €250 sold at klov
Super Contra, €230 traded for Switch lite
Soukyugurentai original cart and multi bio STV motherboard , €280 sold kingshamus
Gallop, €350 hamster
Captain America Galatic Storm MLC €100 sold Bigsingerdawg
Dolphin Blue, original, €350 sold on ebay
Rayforce F3 Conversion, €100 sold thchardcore
Kaitei Daisensou, Irem, Japan, €500 traded
Mars Matrix b board, Japanese €200 traded
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