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Aug 25, 2015
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Works cpu
First, your slave cpu does NOT work. The test program hangs even at the moment just to display whether it is BAD or GOOD.

You should see a blue GOOD next to the sentence; "SLAVE CPU WORKS GOOD"

Like this:


As other friends said, your SH-2 CPUs needs to be reflowed to fix this problem altogether. If you do not have the experience to re-flow/re-solder, I do not recommend you start with a 144 leg SH-2 chip.

Your options are;

a) Buy another ST-V motherboard. They are cheap. Keep this as spare until you have the soldering skills needed.
b) Take that mother board to a PC/playstation repair shop (if you still have that kind of repair facilities) and ask them to do the reflow for you. Most probably they would charge you more than to buy another st-v mobo. :)

If you still want to do it yourself, then;

- get a soldering iron. not need to be an expensive one.
- do not use extra solder (may be just a little to tin the solder tip)
- buy "no-clean flux". Use LOTS of it. This will prevent solder bridges to occur.
- watch youtube videos of re-flow and drag soldeirng techniques.

If you are lucky, your cracks may be located on a few legs. So for the beginning, you may want to just fix those legs. Much easier and less risk of solder brdiges.

For your reference, the cracks you are trying fix looks like this;


Use lotf of liquid flux ...


... and reflow the disconnected legs


if solder bridges occur, dont worry, use some more flux on them and reflow just the bridged legs


Good luck
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