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Mar 15, 2020
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Tahsis, British Columbia. Canada
Good day to everyone. I am new to this site but not to the gaming world.

Some of you may know me from some of the other arcade related websites that I have been a member of for awhile and know that I make reproduction and custom wiring harnesses for old to new arcade games.

Up to now I have mostly been doing the older arcade games wiring harnesses but have started to do more modern ones the Konami 4 Player Harnesses being the newest ones.

I also have made plenty of adapters to run modern PCBs in the older games like the Jrok Multi-Williams PCB and others.

I have been playing games myself since the very very early days of the arcades to the first home consoles and started to collect arcade games myself about 8 years ago now.

Happy to have found out about this website and am looking forwards to reading the forums and being part of things.
Thank you kindly :)