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Dec 17, 2022
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Hello there! You may call me Proto.
I'm pretty new to the arcade scene, but after collecting/playing my favorite games for all my home consoles and getting the proper TV's/Monitors to run them, I moved into arcade systems themselves.
I'm a HUGE 6th gen console enthusiast, especially of the gamecube. Just from my icon you can tell I like a Sega Triforce. I've just recently acquired that (A Type 1 to be specific with a NetDIMM), along with a Sega Naomi 2 and a Neo Geo MVS (MV-1C) to play around with. Still learning a lot though so if there's any experienced persons out there who could give me some insights on how to properly run these systems to their full potential, i'd be happy to learn! I especially love and want to get F-Zero AX up and running (( As well as Mario Kart Arcade GP 1/2 and Initial D Arcade Stage 1-3 for Naomi 2 )) but obviously without a cabinet i'm still figuring that out with stuff I have on hand.

Since i've seen people like Mitsurugi-w here, I figure i'd join to get to know others and converse to build up my knowledge with these systems and in general (Especially JAMMA), so yeah, hello!
About damned time you showed up! We were all waiting!
About damned time you showed up! We were all waiting!
Lol I see >:)

But yeah, its nice to meet you all!
Whenever all of my other components arrive for any of my 3 arcade systems, I'll probably be asking a lot of questions about em to get them running. The Neo Geo should be the easiest to do though since all im waiting for is the supergun, controllers, and World Heroes 2. Connectivity wise is no problem, I've already got a few video monitors and PC monitors to run 240p RGB and 480p VGA on too.
The Naomi 2/Triforce is probably gonna prove to be challenging since it looks like the games for it can be a bit picky with I/O and firmware versions. I also would love to learn about modifying home controllers (like a sega saturn joystick) to work with either JVS or Jamma.
Otherwise, I'll be probably posting to see how things go as they come along!