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I got something for you to scan..

I’m gonna make this Pocky CP or eat my hat!

Great job imbord3rlin3, I'm really excited. I was looking for marques, arts, etc., but I couldn't find much or they were of poor quality. It is good that all this is preserved and shared for everyone and not just for profit. I hope that this post continues to grow and that everything that can be contributed is contributed. Thank you very much for sharing with everyone.
Could someone upload naomi's game marquees to dropbox?
if you have the marquees, you can send them to me and i will scan them and return them to you. thats the only way right now. all the art i have so far has been bought out of pocket and it adds up in price very quickly. in the meantime, i will buy what i can and continue to scan. i will have more art up in a couple weeks, i just bought a big bunch of art. no naomi stuff yet besides the gundam game i already scanned
Update: " Scan me, Senpai!" Scan-Chan has been so thirsty lately i just had to fill her up with some new art to scan. added Chaos Heat, Psyvariar Medium Unit, Salamader 2, and Gokujou Parodius to the Database! WOO!
uploaded some pretty dope stuff today. heres the list:

gundam ex revue, game tengoku, strikers 1945 2, strikers 1999, dimahoo, psychic force 2012, rival schools, Battle Circuit, Street fighter 2 hyper fighting, super space fortress macross.

enjoy those juicy scans!
Added surprise attack, varth, elevator action returns, sexy parodius, and marvel vs capcom to the dropbox. Still LOTS more coming soon. I'll continue uploading today. Fill those marquees!!
added: Ultra X Weapons, SF Zero 2, Ibara, Dragon Spirit, Ray Storm, Ganryu, G Darius, Kyukyoku Tiger 2, Lost Worlds, Gamshara, Night Raid, Virtua Fighter Kids. im pretty much done with my current collection. scanning will resume when i get more arts. im always looking.
Yeah, that's also why I hope someone in this thread notices earlier when you asked for someone good at photoshop to help out and merge these images together!
i also discovered how to properly select only the area where the pics are so ill have to go back and redo some old scans that are cut off in places. idk how to photoshop or anything like that so i cant merge things together yet. maybe ill learn tho one day.